Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 1

Episode 1: I’ve Arrived!

A luckless boy named Ryotaro Nogami comes across a strange train pass and becomes possessed by a powerful demon as he finds himself unexpectedly becoming the hero known as Den-O, fighting strange creatures from another time!

As if we didn’t have enough trains here at OZC-Live, time to hop on the DenLiner in HD! Thanks to an upload of the Den-O BDs on ADC and the efforts of Earthly to scrub Den-O’s subs, we’re excited to be able to team up to bring this to you! Per Earthly’s request, we’re tagging this just under the OZC-Live banner, but make no mistake, this is most certainly a joint effort! As one of the early native HD Rider shows, this is presented in 720p only, just like W, OOO, and Fourze. Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 1”

  1. Thank you soo much.

    If i didnt find OZC i wouldnt have become such a great Kamen Rider Fan.

    Thank you very very much foryour Hard work.

  2. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. Thanks!


    Offtopic: What happened to OZC Anime? Are you going to continue Digimon or other Gundam series?

    1. OZC Anime is on an extended hiatus, and realistically, aside from completing the Digimon project at some point, finishing the 3rd Mobile Suit Gundam film’s dub cut, and slowly working on SEED’s re-edit to resync the old dub, it’s pretty much closed for business. There’s just very little need for me to encode much anime anymore because getting stuff I cared about working on in HD is easier than ever now.

      1. I’m still very much looking forward to the Digimon project; I wasn’t able to get all the episodes you released before nyaa shut down.

        Also, I’m sure some of those anime blu rays might have some interesting menus that might look nice in a menu art gallery somewhere. Juuuuuuust sayin’…

        1. Honestly, the biggest problem with a menu gallery for that stuff now is I don’t have a lot of the BDs for those shows I did all those years ago because I shitcanned them as soon as I had US discs.

  3. This is a longshot, but do you know if Earthly’s scrubs are based off ONORE/Orangelion subs or just purely TVNihon?

    And if they aren’t, could you consider possibly including ONORE/Orangelion subs as an alternate subtitle track?

    I know they only subbed up to episode 16 or so, but that would be a really nice inclusion for those episodes, if this is aiming for the definitive release of Den-O.

    (Also, I really wish I had thought about asking this earlier, especially since the first episode had already been released and I have no idea where you are in the editing process, but I guess episodes could always be V2-ed for the batch…)

    1. They are based on the OL subs as far as I am aware (not sure about everything post-Episode 16 though). I made the call not to do the OL subs as an alternate track because of that, and because I hate having incomplete subs on a release. RTA is basically the sole exception on Ex-Aid, and that was only because it’s just the first two episodes that didn’t have them.

      1. Ah, ok. I tried asking on Earthy’s blog, but never got a response.

        I thought I saw something on Earthy’s twitter about using TVN, and I wanted to verify one way or the other. So it would make sense to use TVN for everything past where OL stopped.


        1. Yeah, I’m fairly sure that’s the case. Everything is just being conformed to be consistent across the series, and I think some TL checks have been done as well.

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