Space Sentai Kyuranger Episode 7

Space 7: Bring Back the Birthday!

Malistrate Toomey rains terror upon the people of the world by stealing away their birthdays, sapping their happiness! However, Xiao Longbao proposes a decoy plan. However, he needs someone who can make for a dubious decoy. It just so happens to be Balance’s birthday, but things don’t go as planned. And just who is this strange fighter that is summoned by a special Kyu Globe?


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2 thoughts on “Space Sentai Kyuranger Episode 7”

  1. so, did you noticed the scene with Ex-Aid being summoned and fighting Space Ikadevil the background music was changed from when it aired on air; it had played the op theme song for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid but in the BD version it was just a Background music.

    1. Interesting, I didn’t actually catch that since it’s been a while since I watched that episode during broadcast, so I’d forgotten that Excite played there.

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