Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 32

Episode 32: Judgment Has Been Passed!

Having collected the lower-tier Gashatrophies, Ex-Aid and the others challenge the advanced Bugsters in order to clear Kamen Rider Chronicle. The three advanced Bugsters are Parad, Graphite, and Lovelica. The time of the final battle against the four Kamen Riders is at hand! At last, the curtain rises on the scene of the last battle! However, a disturbing darkness suddenly begins to appear…


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4 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 32”

  1. just to be sure, for the subs from Excite, are you using the batch version from ep 25-45 of revised subtitles?

    1. We always use the most up to date versions we can get. Hell, Excite gave us the first 12 before they’d even released their original batch with the revisions.

  2. So then, did you already get the latest subtitles for Build from GenmCorp and Over-Time just in case then, if so you think that later on when the BD’s come out you can use GenmCorp subs as the first track?

    1. I won’t request any updated files for Build until a week or two before the first BD box arrives in case there’s anything that needs to be revised further. As for whose subs will get the default slot, odds are that’ll be decided by a coin toss since both groups have subs for all the episodes so far.

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