Space Sentai Kyuranger Episode 1

Space 1: The Greatest Superstars in the Universe

The 88 constellations that exist in the universe have fallen into the hands of the evil Space Shogunate Jark Matter. However, the insurrection army Rebellion and the Kyurangers chosen by the Kyu Globes rise up to oppose them! By an accident, an adventurer traveling through space, Lucky, witnesses the Kyurangers in battle and resolves to join them…

It’s space time! Wait, wrong show. Anyway, we’re kicking off another year of current Super Sentai BDs, once again thanks to Howling_Snail, who is generously providing us with the discs to encode. As usual, we’re using Over-Time subs with no major tweaks to speak of other than some uniformity adjustments. Enjoy!


1080p – Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

720p – Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

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5 thoughts on “Space Sentai Kyuranger Episode 1”

  1. Do you also have access to/are you going to translate the Kyuuranger manga that came with that set?

    1. I do have scans of the manga and I’m doing some interest checks to see if there’s anyone that wants to translate it. If nothing else, we’ll release the raws if we don’t get anyone that wants to work on it.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I hope its translated, but I’d love just the raws if not. Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Kind of wish you kept the title “Uchu” for the Sentai Team, even on the Blu-Ray Box had it as Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, as well as from Shout Factory for English release have kept the titles for the Super Sentai Teams, with the exception of the first one Zyuranger.

    1. And if I worked for Shout Factory, I’d probably have to romanize it the way Toei requires me to in the terms of my license. Since I’m not Shout Factory and Uchu translates perfectly well to Space, there is ZERO good reason to change it. As always, you’re welcome to edit the subtitles to suit your own preferences.

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