Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 24

Episode 24: Be Ambitious and Go Together!

The fierce battle between Ex-Aid and Genm has now come to an end. Meanwhile, a woman who was injured, Sora, is brought to Emu and Hiiro. Sora’s band members argue when suddenly all 3 of them are taken over by Bugsters! And on top of that, when Emu tries facing them alone, a young man appears, calling himself “Lucky!”

That’s gonna do it for Ex-Aid BD Box 2! We’ve got a preorder in place for Ultra Super Hero Wars, which releases in about 2 weeks, along with the spin-off web series Gorider, which releases in September, and then we’ll be back with more Ex-Aid in October!


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6 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 24”

  1. out of curiosity, the 1st Blu-Ray Box for Ultraman Geed in November will include episodes 1 though 4 which are Direrctor’s Cut version as well as an episode from the show inside of it Donshine, you think you could upload those when they come out?  Also you there are plans to subbed them, perhaps you can use those english scripts that were uploaded at nyaa.si and adding more dialogues yourself for certain parts that were not shown in the original?

    1. If someone uploads it to ADC or something, then maybe, but I’ve never really gotten into the Ultra series so it’s not on my radar otherwise.

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