Kikaider Reboot

Kikaider Reboot

In order to handle the crises of a modern world, the Japanese government creates the ARK Project, which utilizes sophisticated robots to solve problems that human beings simply can’t. The project’s lead scientist, Dr. Komyoji, creates a prototype android named Jiro to peacefully assist humans. However, rival scientist Gilbert Kanzaki has other, darker plans. Mitsuko and Masaru, Komyoji’s children, become targets after his unexpected death, prompting a super android with a humanistic soul to come to their aid. Kanzaki then creates his ultimate vision, a powerful cyborg called Hakaider, destined to rule a world of ruin and chaos!


Here’s something a little outside our usual wheelhouse, but since Gaim set it up, and the US release of the movie was only put on DVD, I thought why not do a BD encode? So, here we are. These are the subs from the US DVD with some minor tweaks, such as revising the name order and some slight grammar adjustments.


1080p – Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

720p – Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

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    1. Oh, sure, I’ll upload the font pack soon, but I believe both the fonts used are in the Gaim pack, so you can use that one if need be. The main one is the same at the least. The only other font in the movie is in the credits.

    1. That looks like it’s not loading the correct sub font and is using the system default. I thought I attached it but I might have attached it incorrectly. I’ll upload a sub font pack later today and you can install the fonts and that’ll probably fix it.

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