Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 30

Episode 30: Half-Red, Half-Blue, Kikaider

Kouta and Mai meet a young man who can remember nothing about himself other than his name, Jiro. During a rain storm, Kouta tries to pull Jiro out of the rain, but noticed his hand feels like metal instead of skin, bringing up the question if Jiro is a robot. Elsewhere, Ryoma looks over the schematics for an android developed by a colleague. Its model name is Hakaider.


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7 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 30”

  1. Thanks again, ready….GO DRIVE! Hell man you’re really good with these releases!

  2. so by ep 32 will you have Gaim’s final form as Zenith or have it as ‘Ultimate’ arms; just that from Digimon Universe for the Appmon’s Ultimate Grade forms had them say in as Kiwami for it.

    1. I already covered this one in the revisions post before I started but I’ll be leaving it as Zenith. I prefer it over Over-Time’s choice of Master Arms, and the only other choice would be a direct translation of Kiwami as “Ultimate” and that just feels kind of… obvious, which makes it a bit boring. I think Zenith feels a bit more flashy, as a final form should, and still fits as an acceptable translation.

  3. Hi, I have a question but I didn´t know where to ask it, so I will just ask it here. (Sorry, if this is the wrong place to do so)

    I am strongly considering buying my favorite kamen rider season on blu ray. (It´s Ryuki, if that helps)

    The problem is that I live in sweden so I don´t know if it will play in my Swedish blu ray player.

    Do you know if kamen rider blu rays are region free?

    1. I don’t believe they are, but I’m not 100% sure. Is Sweden also Region B like the UK? I have a Region B player I can test one of mine on when I have a sec.

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