Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 27

Episode 27: When You Know The Truth…

Kouta is knocked unconscious by Ryugen’s backhanded attack, and Baron fights Ryugen for acting so cowardly. Meanwhile, Takatora mulls over the idea of having to cull the Earth’s population down to only one billion people through the use of the Sengoku Drivers, remembering back to the days of first developing them, unaware that even then Ryoma was conspiring against him. When Kouta regains consciousness, he explores Helheim once more, only to be approached by someone unexpected…

Revision Notes: I’ve made some fairly significant changes with regard to the Overlord words “linym/linymf”. Because there’s a fairly hefty explanation behind it, I’ve added it to the Revisions list post. CLICK HERE for more details and feel free to discuss the changes in this post here.


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4 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 27”

  1. Nice man, really good work again, guess I’ll just wait till the end of July for ToQger to continue. Saw you finished the Gaim edits, do you have confidence they will be out before Jougher and Ex-Aid come out?


    1. Well, as I said on Twitter, I expect Gaim to be done by late next week or so since it’s just a matter of doing the check passes and final revisions. I’m hoping to start ToQ back up before Zyuoh and Ex-Aid’s next sets are out too.

      1. I keep saiying it man, take it easy and don’t value my opinion, work at your own pace, but serious can you have all episodes of Gaim be done by next week, damn! Goes fricking fast all of the sudden, guess you’re right, maybe we will see ToQger faster then I thought. I was like oke soon the Ex-Aid and Jougher BD come out and then he has to finish the Gaim episodes and theeeen he will do ToQger but this series has had it’s last checks already so yeah man as always really appreciated work. Thanks man, give a shout if you eeeever need help with anything, I’m glad to help. Best Scrubber 2017 goes to you, for sure. (P.S. Best subber would be Rampage subs if they bring out Goranger 57 and fix their torent, otherwise maybe L&C if they work some more or GUIS if they bring out a couple more episodes, untill then is would be Excite or KITSubs)

  2. Just wanna say good job and keep up the good work. I’ve been waiting a while for Gaim to be uploaded again.

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