Kamen Rider Gaim Revisions & Planned Releases


After getting a lot of really helpful feedback from the discussion post, I’m just about set on what we’re going to be changing for the revised track for Gaim. This post will mostly serve as an archive of what is getting changed and will be moved to a static page once the show starts releasing. For now, I wanted to post this as a normal post so that it’s easy to find.


To start, after a request in the feedback post, I’m going to list all the planned releases we’re going to do at this point. As I’ve said before, the intention is to create a set of unified subs using the revised track so that there will be a consistent set of translations across everything. So, the plan is to release:

  • Complete TV Series (Episodes 1-47)
  • Express Sentai ToQger vs. Kamen Rider Gaim
  • Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Movie War Feud
  • Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider War feat. Super Sentai
  • Kamen Rider Gaim the Movie: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup!
  • Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle
  • Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Zangetsu & Baron

Gaim Gaiden 2: Duke & Knuckle is not currently on the list since there are no other subs for it other than TV-N. If we get to the point where we’re done with everything else and there are no other subs, we’ll look at doing a scrub of Gaiden 2.


On to the various changes, I’m going to list these in groups of terms unchanged, terms changing on both tracks, and terms only being changed on the revised track. Some of these were not brought up in the discussion post as they were asked about after the fact or decisions I made just recently and I’m listing them here for completion’s sake.


  • Unchanged:
    • Watermelon Arms
      – After much deliberation, it’s going to stay as-is. When we do the Gaiden, we’ll probably go with “Water Melon” since that’s how they wrote it on the Lockseed set.
    • Zenith Arms
      – I’m opting to leave this as-is. My Japanese-English dictionary would have me turn “Kiwami Arms” into something like “Extreme Arms” and something about that doesn’t feel quite right.


  • Changed on Both Tracks (Revised and Original)
    • Dialogue Font Change
      -The dialogue font has been changed from the original Calibri to Diverda Sans Com Medium (same as the OP lyrics)
    • Wärring > Sengoku
      – I don’t think I need to explain this one.
    • Invess > Inves
      – This one is only a partial change, as I realized that Aesir started using Inves with a single S as the show progressed, so this is more of a revision to make everything uniform than an overall change.
    • Linym(f) > Femushinmu (ADDED 6/7/17)
      – This one needs some explanation. In the original Aesir track, these terms were used frequently when referring to the Overlord race. The name spoken is “Femushinmu”, and when everything is unscrambled via the ciphers involved, it effectively translates to “human”. The Overlords refer to humanity as apes, so most of the time, using “linym(f)” on the original track was fine, and the deciphered track would use “human(s)”. The problem is that early on, one of the Overlords calls a human character “linym” several times, and later, another human character asks an Overlord about the “linym” race. Once deciphered, these read very awkwardly. I decided that since proper nouns like the Overlord names were left as-is, Femushinmu would be treated as such too.

      So, for this, the revised tracks, ciphered and deciphered, use Femushinmu anywhere it was applied to the Overlord race. The original subs retain “linym,” but the deciphered original track uses Femushinmu as well. This was the best compromise to fixing the awkward situations that came up later. 

      This also introduces a few instances where the only ciphered word in a script might be “linym”, so the revised track lacks a deciphered counterpart since it’s unnecessary because of the replacement made. In instances like these, there will only be 3 sub tracks. The Revised track, Original track, and Deciphered Original.


  • Changed for new Revised Track 
    • Names are being reversed to formal Japanese order (i.e. Kouta Kazuraba becomes Kazuraba Kouta)
      – This is mostly because I’m used to names being written in the same order we hear them spoken. 
    • Micchy > Mitchy
      – Since his name is spelled Mitsuzane, it makes more sense to me to use a T when shortening it.
    • Lock Seed > Lockseed
      – This is getting changed since I prefer the single word look, and they are shown on Sid’s iPad as a single word at one point.
    • Ryouma > Ryoma
      – While I’m not changing all the names spelled with a U (Kouta, Ryouji, etc.), I’m changing this one because I like the way it looks better. It also doesn’t help that it’s been spelled Ryoma in Ghost, which I’ve worked on recently, and while that Ryoma’s name is spelled slightly differently in Japanese, it’s a change I prefer.
    • Pineapple Arms: Pulperize & Destroy > Pineapple Arms: Smash & Destroy
      – This is being changed because while the pun is clever, I’m not really a fan of it in the long run. I originally suggested using Over-Time’s “obliterate”, but I settled on “smash” as the translation for “funsai” instead. I think smash works better in connection to the Pine Iron weapon and feels more like a buildup to “destroy”.
    • Dragon, Fire! Bang Bang Bang! > Dragon Cannon! Bang Bang Bang!
      – I decided to create a bit of a hybrid here. Over-Time used Serpent rather than Dragon, but I prefer Dragon. By restoring the weapon name to the transformation, it brings it more in line with Kiwi Arms’ transformation call. I opted to go with Cannon though as I think it flows better than Dragon Gun.
    • Ornac > Gridon
      – We’re going with Gridon. As far as the dialogue where they bring up the name pun and make fun of it, we’ll either use ruby text as a pseudo-TL note, or take a little liberty and rewrite the line. We’ll see. As several people commented, it’s not worth changing the name for an entire series for one quick gag that is quickly left behind.
    • Malika > Marika
      – Changing this one to use the official name since this is close enough anyway. (Added 11/20)
    • Raiment > Jinba
      – Since this is based on an actual Japanese word (jinbaori) and the origin of the word with relation to the dual-Lockseed form never gets particularly explained that I can recall, I’m going with the derivative version over Jimber.
    • Triumphant Arms > Triumph Arms
      – Small change here, but after it was pointed out in the comments, I agree with the tweak.
      – While Zenith won’t be changed, I am opting to use Over-Time’s Lockseed call. I prefer it to the Aesir version, which feels like a stutter, even though I know the Lockseed just chants “dai” over and over.

That about does it for the changes I’ve decided on for now. There may be additional changes later as things come up that I haven’t decided on or have forgotten, at which point this list will be revised. Feel free to comment on the changes but these are what we’re going with so they’re basically locked in. However, if there are additional changes that haven’t been addressed here, go ahead and bring them up in the comments.

24 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim Revisions & Planned Releases”

  1. I feel like changing Ryouma to Ryoma kind of goes against your whole consistency stance, but whatever.

    1. How do you figure? The spelling is going to be changed on the revised track for everything. Not to mention, this is another changed based on an Over-Time decision, and they retained the U in Kouta while choosing to drop it from Ryoma, so I’m just following that train of thought. My stance on making a consistent set of subs is based on making the same changes to everything, so that when this is done, there’s a set of subs that all have the same phrases and spellings.

      1. It goes against consistency in that everyone who has that “u” in their name, like Kouta and Youko, gets to keep it except for the one person, Ryouma, for seemingly no reason. It’s like writing French with all its silent “h”‘s except for one, just because, but worse actually because that “u” isn’t exactly silent.

        1. Well, as I mentioned, it was good enough for Over-Time to keep the U in Kouta’s name but not include it in Ryoma’s name, and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me. Besides, the original track will still be there, with Ryouma in all its U-filled glory. Or, you’re welcome to download the sub files and edit the U back in if you like. That’s what they’re there for.

  2. You might also want to consider using Over-Time’s rendering of Kachidoki as “Triumph Arms” where Aesir used “Triumphant Arms”. That form was the only one where Aesir used an adjective instead of a noun, and it’s always bugged me.


    Also, Aesir mistranslated “hajimari no onna” the first time Sagara said it. They later admitted it was a mistake after the “Woman of the Beginning” became a plot point later on and intended to fix it in the v2s that never happened.

    1. That’s a good catch and one I agree with. I’ll add that to the list. As for the translation bit, I’ll add that to my notes to fix on both tracks, so thanks for pointing it out.

      1. Were there any other translation bits like the “hajimari no onna” bit that needed fixing that weren’t terminology changes? (I’m asking because I don’t know/remember…)

  3. Do you plan on doing the Showa ending of Showa vs Heisei? It was only translated by TV-N, but its only  the last like 10 minutes or so of the movie. I muxed the 1080p blu rays with the imagination station subs, and made a version with the tv-n translation of the Showa ending (I’m far from good at this stuff though). Also, from what I hear the imagination station subs (which I assume you’re using) have a fair amount of errors that have been pointed out over time, do you plan on changing any of those when the time comes? Don’t have a list of the errors unfortunately.

    1. Yeah, what I’m hoping to see if I can do if I can rig the MKV to do it is to include the Showa ending in the file and set it up so you can select either the Heisei ending or the Showa ending using the editions feature. The TV-N version of the Showa ending is what I’d use for mine as well, I’d just try and clean it up so that it is in line with the rest of the translation as best I can. As for the errors, I only ever watched the movie once, so I’m not aware of what all the errors there are might be, but if someone can point me to a list, I’ll gladly fix them. Otherwise, I’ll try and fix whatever I might notice on my own.

  4. Please add Gaim final stage and talk translate by https://anythingooo.wordpress.com/

    Even if you don’t have it’s BD.

    1. I’ll consider it but generally if it’s already available in SD, there’s no need for me to redo it unless I can get an HD source.

  5. Hi, it’s that one anon again.

    > “My thinking right now when I do the Wizard/Gaim movie is also doing a revised track that will match the changes we make for the series, an original Over-Time track, and if people want it, a sort of “Aesir-ified” version of the OT track where the terms are converted to be like that of the series’ untouched track, if that makes sense.”

    You said this in the other post, but yeah, this is what I was hoping you would do for all the movies/gaidens/specials: a consistent “revised” track and a second “Aesir-ified” track.

    Also, I guess this is an odd question because it’s so late at this point but is the word “Gaiden” going to be translated too? I know Over-Time has translated it as “Side Story” or “Apocrypha” (which those comes from Over-Time’s Garo projects The Tougen Flute and Kiba Gaiden respectively).  If it’s too late to change and/or matter, I guess “Gaiden” would be fine?


    1. I might translate Gaiden, but I’m not sure. It’s almost to the point that I think people know what Gaiden means, but I also don’t want to assume that outright. If I do translate it, it would be Side Story, since Apocrypha implies it’s non-canon and I’m pretty sure that’s not the case here.

  6. For the record, I cross referenced the movie premier dates with the episodes so these are where the movies should slot into the series:


    –  Rider x Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Movie War Feud (Released December 14, 2013)  – Fits in after Episode 9 “The Great “Inves Monster Capturing” Operation!” (Aired December 8, 2013)

    – Express Sentai ToQger vs. Kamen Rider Gaim (Aired March 30, 2014) – Fits in after Episode 23 “Now Let’s Go! Kachidoki Arms!” (Aired March 23, 2014)

    – Heisei Rider vs. Showa Rider: Kamen Rider War feat. Super Sentai (Released March 29, 2014) – Fits in after Express Sentai ToQger vs. Kamen Rider Gaim

    – Kamen Rider Gaim the Movie: Great Soccer Battle! Golden Fruits Cup! (Released July 19, 2014) – Fits in after Episode 37 “Baron Soccer Showdown: Summer Camp!” (Aired July 13, 2014)

    – Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim: Movie War Full Throttle – Released after the end of Gaim

    – Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden: Zangetsu & Baron – Umm… I guess both Gaidens should be released after the end of the series? Since they have that weird hindsight foreshadowing thing going on?

    1. Oh I forgot… Since you’re also doing ToQger:

      – Express Sentai ToQger vs. Kamen Rider Gaim (Aired March 30, 2014) – Fits in after ToQger episode 6 “What Are We Looking For?” (Also aired March 23, 2014)



    2. Perfect, this is great. I usually just look these up as I go, but I’m used to the first crossover being released around 12-14 episodes in, so after Episode 9 is earlier than I’d have anticipated. Luckily, I have that encoded already so I can add that to my next cycle of editing for 9-12.


      As for the ToQ vs. Gaim crossover, that’ll come out where it goes in the Gaim run rather than in the ToQGer run. Since it’s early enough into ToQGer, it won’t spoil anything there, but enough happens in Gaim before it comes out that releasing it when I get past ToQGer Ep 6 would be spoiling a lot, unless I just do a bunch of Gaim in the next week or so and get to that point before I have the next ToQGer disc… which may be possible.

  7. I realize this is an old post and this probably doesn’t matter that much but Aesir translated Ryugen’s weapon as Dragun, not Dragon Gun

    1. Right, and when referring to the weapon, I may keep that absent of another better way to shorten it. As far as the transformation goes, because it technically pauses between Ryu and hou (“Ryu, hou, ha ha ha!”), and I couldn’t find any instances of hou meaning fire, I decided to change it to be more similar to how Over-Time did it as “Serpent Cannon”, but I liked Dragon better. Since “hou” can mean gun or cannon, I felt it was a safe change.

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