Express Sentai ToQGer Episode 17

Station 17: The Sky After Rain…

The Conductor reveals that he has taken delivery of the transformation items for the sixth ToQger while stopped to allow a Rainbow Line maintenance worker named Zaram, a former member of the Shadow Line, inspect the rails. Right gets off the train to talk to him about becoming their sixth member, but Zaram doesn’t wish to be involved any further, particularly when he reveals his Shadow monster form…


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2 thoughts on “Express Sentai ToQGer Episode 17”

  1. Seeing these ToQger releases reminded me that the ToQger Hyper Battle Video exists.  There’s like a zero percent chance it exists on Blu-ray, right?

    1. Yeah, most of the HBVs for Rider and Sentai are DVD-exclusives. Some of the catalog BDs include them, but it seems the active releases starting with Gokaiger and OOO lack them since they would have been released during the show’s run.

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