2 thoughts on “Express Sentai ToQGer Episode 14”

  1. Hey man, you guy (s) are doing a very good job at sentai and Rider. I’m very proud in someway that there’s still on adress for subs that’s alive. Well i’m now watching the Wizard Dub and it’s fantastic! Holy damn it’s so well done! My question is why is it on hold, or is it dropped. If the project needs help please I would love to, I’ve seen about 4 full sentai show. And about 50 more random sentai episodes like Ultraman And Kamer Rider. I would surely advise the Dub to go through, it’s great. Hell, I could even do some lines for ya now I think about it. Toqger is my next target after I finish Shinkerger, Goseiger. And I’m watching GoRanger! Thanks already man!

    1. The Wizard dub is on hold because I was burnt out on doing the edits to sync the dub while also working on the subs for it. Too much Wizard at one time is hazardous to one’s health. I’m also in the process of preparing to recapture the later episodes to address an issue with some of the audio peaking too high, but that is a few weeks out from happening. So work on editing the video to sync to the dub will resume sooner or later. It certainly won’t be dropped.

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