Kamen Rider Gaim Episode 8

Episode 8: Baron’s Newfound Power, Mango!

After his defeat at the hands of Bravo, Kaito believes he is no longer strong enough and seeks out a new strength. While Kouta seeks out a new job, Mai finds herself trapped in the Helheim Forest again, forcing Kouta and Mitchy to go and rescue her.

Revision Notes: I’ve added translations for Mai’s text message she sends to Mitchy and Kouta on the revised track. I also adjusted the line when Kouta attacks the Inves using Pineapple Arms as I wasn’t a fan of the “pine-scrap-ple” line (if you know what scrapple is, you might know why…) Instead, I changed it to “crush you like pineapple chunks!” because it keeps a bit of a pineapple joke (crushed pineapple chunks) and changed “into” to “like” since the Inves isn’t made of pineapple.


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