6 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 53”

  1. So you doing Gaim next? If so, can you fix all stupid naming errors like “Warring” into “Sengoku” & “Ornacc” into “Guridon”?

    1. Yep. I’ll have a more detailed post going up before I start to get some feedback. I’m considering doing two sub tracks for it, one that is mostly unaltered except for stuff that flat out needs changing (like restoring Sengoku), but I’ve gotta decide how far the changes in the base track will go. The other track would be a sort of “untranslated” version where the Arms all use their Japanese names, and there’s a specific reason for that I’ll explain more when I post the feedback post ahead of starting releases.

      1. you mean like for the Suika lockseed and of the Zangetsu Gaiden when the proto version announces watermelon.  Also when it gets to the Overlord arc will you have the Japanese names track with the english meaning of what they were saying?

        1. Exactly. The whole Suika/Watermelon thing is one of those that’s just tough to deal with cleanly all around. What I plan to do for the Overlord arc is add extra tracks (so potentially a set of 4 total tracks) that will have the translated version. The default version will be the original coded speech.

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