Animal Sentai Zyuohger Episode 1

Episode 1: Thrills in Animal Land!

Kazakiri Yamato, a young zoologist, is serving as a guide during a nature observation when a mysterious cube takes him to Zyuland, a strange world inhabited by humanoid animals known as the Zyumans. Yamato meets four Zyumans while in Zyuland: Sela, Leo, Tusk, and Amu. When the human world is attacked by space outlaws called the Dethgaliens, Yamato’s new friends transform to fight the threat. A new passionate desire is brought to life within Yamato after witnessing the transformation.

Anyone up for some Super Sentai?! Thanks to the generosity of Howling_Snail, we’re going to have access to the first Zyuohger BD box! At this time, I only have the first two episodes due to some issues with the uploads that we’re working out, but I wanted to get going with what I could for now. Episode 2 will go up tomorrow, with subsequent episodes hopefully being ready later this week. After that, since these are quarterly boxes like the Rider sets, at minimum, we’re looking at December for the next set. However, as I am not buying them, we’ll get them whenever we are lucky enough to be given the sources, so please bear that in mind.


As it stands, if and when we get access to Kyoryuger, ToQger, and Ninninger, we’ll add those to the rotation as they come, but I don’t want to juggle too many open series at once, so that would probably mean one quarterly show and one “legacy” show for Rider and Sentai each. That’s down the road though, so for now, enjoy!


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5 thoughts on “Animal Sentai Zyuohger Episode 1”

  1. Congratulations, brother! I’m glad this initiative. Looking forward to the projects!


  2. Wow, didn’t saw that coming lol ! Thanks ! Hope the source will buy the other volumes as well and the project will not end like Kyoryuger lol

    1. Technically, Kyoryuger never started because I didn’t want to start it without all the parts. This was different since it’s an opportunity to get started on the set while it is still really fresh.

        1. Ah, gotcha. Yeah, normally I don’t consider starting something without all the parts available, but I’m pretty confident we’ll be able to get all the parts for this. I’ve been eyeing the Kyoryuger BDs as a potential pickup down the road, but usually my annual toku BD budget goes to Rider BDs.

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