Kamen Rider Wizard Episode 10

Episode 10: NSA Section Zero

The National Security Agency’s Section Zero obtains a green Magic Stone, and so Kizaki abducts Wajima so he can commission his own Wizard Ring. At that time, a Phantom targets a Gate in the form of a child traveling from Akita to Tokyo, leaving Haruto alone on his mission.


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Dub Notes: This episode is 33 seconds shorter than the BD counterpart. Not a lot of cuts here during the action sequences, so the majority of the cut footage is, as almost always, the donut shop sequence.

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    1. Don’t worry, once it airs and goes up on Toggle, either myself or Kitsunelaine will record it from their on-demand service.

    1. It should be up tonight. Circumstances beyond my control meant it wasn’t done Thursday and I wasn’t home to finish it Friday.

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