Kamen Rider Wizard Dub Encodes

Kamen Rider Wizard Dub Encodes

UPDATE 5/22: So, change of plans on how we’re gonna do the Wizard dubs. Due to the variety of cuts they are making to the episodes and the fact that we have no idea if it’ll continue being cut like that, rather than trying to edit the audio to sync up to the subbed encodes, we’re going to switch to doing dedicated dub encodes. The time it takes to edit the episodes down to match the dub is actually less than it was taking me to edit the audio, so other than having to do two separate encodes instead of a dual audio encode, which means more hard drive space taken up, it shouldn’t be any more difficult to do these. If the episodes start to get their full runtime and can sync to the BDs later without editing the audio, we’ll look at switching back to the patches, but for now, this is going to be the release method moving forward.


For now, we’re going to release these in 720p only, although if there is demand for 1080p versions, we’ll do them. Until the dub episodes are done, we’re probably going to just keep these on Mega-only and release them via batch torrent when the series is done airing. We’ll also go back and re-do Episode 1 with the cuts in the next few days as well, just so that everything is consistent.


Episode 2 is now up, so head over to that post to grab the latest episode!

ORIGINAL POST: Like Fourze before it, the Okto network in Sinagpore is now airing Wizard and through their Toggle Catch-Up service, we’re obtaining the dub audio. Unlike Fourze, where the broadcast was far ahead of our encodes, we’re ahead of these, although only by a bit. Rather than make Wizard take another year to complete by waiting for the dub episodes to air, we’re going to release patches for the episodes as they air.


The intention is to release the dub patches every Sunday, and they’ll be added to their associated episode posts and linked on Twitter. Notes for the dub, if any, will be included in each post update.


So, check out Episode 1’s post for the first dub and enjoy!

24 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Wizard Dub Encodes”

  1. Hi,

    Just a quick question: how will the dubs be handled with the Wizard batch?

    Thanks again for all that you do, and thanks again for being able to get the dubs. 🙂

    1. At this point, my plan for that is going to be to release the eventual batch sub-only at first, with a collected patch pack covering whatever number of episodes are done at that time. Eventually, next year when the dub finishes airing, I’ll release a revised batch with the dubs included to replace the sub-only batch. At that point, I’ll replace the files on Mega as well.

    1. Yep, the Fourze dub did the same thing too. There are minor changes to work around things, of course, but it’s 99% O-T’s script. I haven’t had a chance to check the OOO dub episodes I have against the O-T scripts for that but I’d imagine they used those scripts as well.

    1. It doesn’t work like that. The broadcast them, we record them. They air a new episode every week. We release a new episode every week.

        1. This will be the last time I explain this because I’m tired of repeating myself.

          WE. DID. NOT. DUB. THESE.

          These are dubbed by voice actors in Southeast Asia and broadcast on Okto, a TV channel in Singapore. All we do is make a recording of the dub and add it to the Blu-ray video. That is all.

          I’ll be deleting any further questions about this.

    1. One episode a week. New dub episodes are always posted on Sunday or Monday. There will not be any more than one episode per week unless Okto starts airing more episodes at a time. Since that seems unlikely, we’ll only release one episode per week.

  2. OZC! I Found Okto & Toggle. Aka  tv.toggle.sg web site. I see kr wizard episodes. And it’s in ep 7 of KR Wizard is new. What is Up?

    1. Yes, the 7th episode is up. I still have to recut the Blu-ray to sync up with the dub. It takes time. We aren’t posting rips of what airs on Toggle, we actually recut the Blu-rays so that they are available in higher quality. That process takes time. Unfortunately, I also work 3 jobs, so I can only do those recuts when time permits, which is why I release them on Sunday or Monday every week. Episode 7 will come. You just need to be patient.

    1. Yes, I know. It’s been up for two days. But because I was out enjoying my holiday, the recut won’t be done for another day most likely.

        1. OK, that’s great. I already know when it goes up, so telling me every week just comes off as impatience on your part. By the time you told me it was up, I’d already had the files for it for over a day.

    1. Yeah, you know what, I was gonna write out this whole big thing, but here’s the deal: They’ll be done when they are done. If you keep asking, I’ll revoke your ability to comment on the site. So I’d suggest you just try waiting.

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