2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Drive Episode 8”

  1. Say, later on will you also be doing the Nininger and Kamen Rider Drive crossover special when it comes out in  dvd/blu-ray, since its related to how many Roidmudes are left as well as ties in the Kamen Rider Taisen movie involving Kamen Rider 3/Sango.

    1. Yeah, I believe that one is scheduled for a BD release in August, and since Over-Time subbed it, and it does tie in to Drive like you said with the Roidmudes left, I planned to buy it when it comes out. Speaking of movies and such, I have no idea if I’ll buy Full Throttle or Drive’s summer movie, especially since I’m unsure if Sanjo is treating Drive like he did W where the movies are also in canon. Plus there’s the fact that I’ll need subs for them. If I get them, I’ll certainly offer them to Over-Time though so that they have a source if they don’t get them elsewhere.

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