Kamen Rider Drive Episode 6

Episode 6: For Whom Does the Warrior Fight?

While Shinnosuke is still under the effects of Brain’s poison, he must figure out how to stop the Crush Roidmude from obtaining explosives from the Font-R company, when its president prevents the Special Investigations Division from looking into his factory.


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6 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Drive Episode 6”

      1. I was going to mention that as well, even though the audio and subtitles were in place, you somehow used the video of the next episode; episode 7, quite strange.

        1. Yeah, I looked into it, turns out I stuck the Episode 7 raw in the wrong folder by mistake, and since I usually just pop the episode up and check the subs, the way Drive has the OP first every time means I didn’t do what I should have and actually jumped into the episode to check the subs, so when the OP was fine, I just uploaded it as is. I’ll be checking them much more closely from now on to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

          1. Say, the subtile script download shows it for episode 5, can you put up episode 6 here.

          2. Fixed. Don’t forget, there’s always the Subtitles Repository section in the navbar up top in case one of the links doesn’t work or points to the wrong file.

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