Kamen Rider Drive Episode 2

Episode 2: What is a Kamen Rider?

After transforming into Kamen Rider Drive and discovering the strange occurences throughout the city are caused by the Roidmude, Shinnosuke pays a visit to his former partner Hayase while the Roidmude named Heart revives Roidmude 029 after he has been defeated by Drive.


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2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Drive Episode 2”

  1. So, are you also including episode zero, as well as the other stories on the blu-ray, like the tv-kun specials including the one with Type High Speed, or are you waiting for over-time to sub them as well.  Also, how come you don’t include wording from other sub sites like tv-nihon since they do have moments that had a clearer understanding of the sentences.

    1. That I know of, Episode Zero wasn’t included with the BDs, nor was the TV-Kun Special, though that doesn’t rule out those being included on one of the later collections. If I’m wrong and they are on there, then yeah, you can expect that I’ll be doing those too. The exclusive short episode on the bonus disc in Collection 1, type TOKUJO, has been handed off to Over-Time and they’ll be subbing it when they have a chance.


      As for why I don’t use subs from anyone else, I strongly prefer Over-Time’s translation/writing style, and unless things have changed, TV-N still hardsubs as far as I know, so doing OCR on their releases is a lot more work than I’m interested in doing. People are welcome to use my encodes as raws to add other subs and re-release if they so desire.

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