Kamen Rider Drive Episode 12

Episode 12: Where Did the White Kamen Rider Come From?

While investigating a land shark who seems to have been involved in Roidmude activities, Shinnosuke cannot detect any Slowdown particles but instead comes across a young man who says he has something interesting to show him.

That’s it for Drive for now. The next BD set (Episodes 13-24) releases on July 8th, although I have a preorder in for the Gaim/Drive movie. Obviously that will need subs first, but I’ll have the BD. So, look for more Drive episodes in July!


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4 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Drive Episode 12”

  1. Well, perhaps now that you have more time  on Kamen Rider OOO, you can check the sizes for the 720 formats more closely.  By the way, when you get to Kamen Rider Gaim and use the subs from Aesir, will you asked someone from tv-nihon with help for the part of the episodes in helping in translating what the overlord inves were saying; the folks over at tv-nihon decided to keep the mystery have the versions that aired on tv, but it will take a while for someone to do a bd version over there.

    1. Well, the encodes for Fourze and Gaim are already underway, and both are using the same profile as Drive, which should result in file sizes similar to what you see there. The sizes jumped on OOO because I used a different resize filter that kept the image a little crisper while using the same compression profile as W, but the trade-off was the much larger file sizes. It wasn’t worth the drastic increase overall, so that’s why I’m switching back. The raws for OOO are already encoded, and for consistency, I don’t want to switch the profile 70% of the way through the show, so it won’t be changing.


      As for Gaim, the plan is to have dual sub tracks on that with the default track being the Overlord language left untranslated. The second track will have the cipher that Aesir created undone and the lines translated back into English. From discussions I had elsewhere, since I couldn’t recall myself as I haven’t watched Gaim’s early episodes since they first aired a year and a half ago, not all of the Overlord lines were translated, but I didn’t have any plans at this time to do anything about those. If someone wants to help translate them, great, but I didn’t have any plans to seek out new translations for those. My philosophy with these releases is that if I can fix something easily, I will, but if I can’t, I won’t be putting out anything that is worse than what we already have as far as subs go.

      1. As far as I can recall about the Overlord-ese, I think there was only one episode maaaaaaybe two early on that didn’t have any translation or cipher. And even then, I think it only a line or two.  All the Overlord-ese dialog heavy episodes were properly handled by Aesir.

        Also, since Magenta disappeared from the internet, you are our last hope for getting dual track releases of Gaim with and without the Overlord-ese, so I eagerly look forward to those.  Also, something for you to consider is the Gaim summer movie and the Baron/Zangetsu returns v-cinemas.

        1. Doing the Overlord stuff won’t be an issue, aside from those early episodes as you mentioned. I also have translations of a few of the lines around Episode 23, so I won’t necessarily have to reverse the cipher for those. As I recall, the Japanese captions for the Overlord stuff was actually in Japanese, but I’d need access to those (not sure if the BDs include them for closed captioning purposes) as well as a translator to help me out with those since using Google/Bing/Whatever isn’t exactly optimal for translation of anything but short words, like I do for movie chapter titles now.


          As for the summer and Returns movies, like the untranslated Overlord lines, unless a translator offers to help, there won’t be much I’ll be able to do for that. That’s one reason I rely on existing fansubs.

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