Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 1

Episode 1: I’m The President, and a Kamen Rider

Japan has entered a new era, one where HumaGears, synthetic lifeforms with human appearances have joined society to assist humanity and usher in the future. When the President of the company behind the HumaGears passes away, his grandson is chosen as his successor and given a dire warning: that the HumaGears will soon be taken over by a secret group planning to eliminate humanity and the only thing can stop them is the power of Kamen Rider Zero-One!

Well, we’re back again with the latest Kamen Rider season, Zero-One! This year, Toei moved to a 3 BD box setup, so Box 1 includes the first 16 episodes, but we’ll have a bit longer of a wait between boxes as a result. We’ve got quite the lineup of subs this time, with Over-Time, both styled and basic versions of GenmCorp, and Izu Subs! Because of the number of scripts, I have to be selective with QC, so the Genm and Izu scripts are spot-checked for timing, spellchecked, and some terminology updates have been made to all the tracks where necessary. If you find any spelling errors or anything, drop me a message here or on Twitter and I’ll add it to the master fix list for the batch. Enjoy!


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13 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 1”

  1. Don’t know how I missed it in my own QC/editing passes, but a line (at 0:00:32:27) will need correcting come time for the batch . I will correct it and re-upload the script to the usual spot so do grab it when you’re ready for final checks before the batch. Thanks again for my inclusion in the line-up.
    – IzuSubs

    1. No problem! Thanks for the heads up. With 3 groups and 4 tracks, the amount of QC I can do on each episode is limited, so this is definitely where I have to lean on the community to help out.

      1. Just another thing I’ve noted; I noticed you have standardised spellings of all words to American spellings (i.e. Authorize), but have left some instances in their original spellings (i.e. Authorise jingle). These aren’t necessarily incorrect as the script is written in a British-based form of English. I would personally prefer if you left things as is (this would mean less work for you too), but if you do ultimately see fit to standardise things, I do request that you ensure holistic consistently across the script.
        – IzuSubs

        1. Gotcha, I wasn’t entirely sure where to draw the line between the “Rise” puns and spelling changes. I’m happy to switch it up (or rather, leave it as-is in this case, and revert it on the released episodes in the batch), though there’s a likelihood that I’ll “fix” stuff inadvertently because my spellchecker defaults to American English spellings, so if you happen to notice any of those that get changed for Episode 5 onward, just let me know which and I’ll be sure to revert it.

          1. Thanks. As for episodes 2-4 as released so far, would you prefer me to give you a list of timestamps, or would you prefer to simply re-download a fixed script as with episode 1?

            1. Timestamps would probably be easier since I have to resync the scripts to account for the runtime differences on my encodes (since I drop the sponsor junction after the OP) but if an updated script is easier for you, that’s fine. It’s not like retiming it is super complex. That does bring up a question though: Whose raws are your scripts generally timed to? Because O-T uses TTFC, which basically matches the BDs 1:1, while I know Genm switched to TV encodes after TTFC’s encode quality went to shit and TV encodes have annoying framedrops to have to adjust for.

              1. Noted. I’ll leave a list of timestamps and corrections as a comment in their respective episode release posts.

                As for timing, they have always been done to GUST’s TTFC RAW releases (GC didn’t exactly make their TV RAWs publicly available anyway). However I personally didn’t have any timing issues muxing my scripts with GC’s TV video track so that’s a little odd to hear actually.

                1. Their capture for the TV raws might be improved now, since it’s been a couple years since anyone was using them, but historically, the broadcasts drop frames here and there. Of course, I’m also super sensitive to missing frames when it comes to sub timing (side effect of my job lol) so it’s possible that it’s something a lot of people never notice. I haven’t gotten far enough to check the episodes they used TV raws on so we’ll see what happens. If they do match up, then all the better for me. In your case though, if you were using Gust’s saws the whole time, then there’ll be no issues with sync since I can just adjust by the same amounts I adjust the O-T track by.

  2. Thanks for releasing these!

    May be an inconsistency only limited to this release (not seen it on the others yet!) but the Over-Time subtitle track calls rogue HumaGear “MaGear” in this episode alone, and then changes it to “Magia” (maybe “MaGia”, but I don’t think so?) in future episodes. I spotted the other spelling in Episode 3 if that helps, but yeah.

      1. Watched OT’s episode 5 and they call them Magia again there, so I assume that’s their intended translation?

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