Dinoknight Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 14

Episode 14: The Golden Knight

There’s a new golden, shining Ryusoulger fighting the Druidons while seeking a bride! Koh goes to him to ask him to join with them to increase their strength, but the knight, Canalo, refuses to cooperate with them. Meanwhile, a new Minusaur with the ability to manipulate water starts rampaging in the city. The Ryusoulgers are struggling to keep up after their Ryusouls and the Burning Soul fail to do anything. However, Canalo discovers that the Minusaur was born from the boyfriend of the woman he’s fallen for!


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  1. If someone could seed the 1080 torrent for this episode and 15, that would be great. I keep connecting with one 100% seeder but it just stops after a few seconds.

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