Kamen Rider Kiva Complete Series Batch

Complete Series Batch

Wake up because it’s time for the Kiva series batch!


This batch contains Episodes 1-48 in 720p. No bonus features are included, however, a future secondary batch may be made with the deleted scenes if and when we get subs for them as they are currently unsubbed.


No v2s are needed for this release, so if you already have the individual episodes, you’re good to go!


720p Batch – Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

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18 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Kiva Complete Series Batch”

  1. Two early Christmas gifts. and right after finals! So happy to see these Riders! As someone who didn’t really mind their child counterparts from Decade (especially since Asumu rightfully became an Oni there), I’ve had great interest in watching these series without untranslated mess. Thank you Railler and OZC!

    1. The Kiva HBV is a branching choose-your-own-route thing from what I’ve been told, so it’s a lot more complicated to make work.

  2. Are the deleted scenes in 720p as well!? I know TV-Nihon translated them a while back, but idk if you’d use their subs or not though. If not is there any chance of you uploading them raw? I’ve really been wanting better quality versions of them for so long, subbed or not, but obviously I know uploading just raws isn’t your thing so it would be understandable if you won’t.

    1. I need to check because a lot of bonus features are put on the discs in SD only, and those deleted scenes might be like that as well. I may upload them raw, but I haven’t decided what I’ll do for that yet.

  3. This does need some editing for v2s. There are noticeable engrish words like ‘master’ in the sub as ‘boss’. Or ‘pro debut’ & ‘pro rockstar’ missing the ‘pro’.

    1. Using “Boss” for “Master” is an incredibly common translation choice into English because of the, shall we say, historically negative connotations of “Master”. As for the others, that’s down to an individual’s personal preferences and I defer to the TL choices made by Railler and their editors. If you wish to change them, the scripts can be edited to your liking, but the batch is the final release version and almost never get further revisions short of a show-stopping error.

  4. Negative historical connotations mostly associated with western ideals has no reflections on the dialogue of a japanese show. It’s also very inaccurate when the character’s blatantly say the word “Master” then you “translate” it as ‘Boss’. It’s very jarring.
    The latter issue with ‘pro’ is more of a localization choice I get but it’s still an issue. It’s one thing to translate japanese words into a sentence that makes sense in english even if it’s not completely 100% accurate to a direct translation. But it’s very lazy & incompetent to outright ignore blatant english words because they make you uncomfortable or someone else ignored them.

    1. Well, once again, the subs are literally right there at the bottom of the post, so you’re welcome to edit them yourself to your liking. Me? I’ll just keep being “lazy” along with the subbers who volunteer their time and effort to translate stuff for ungrateful people who just seem to want to complain about their completely free translations and encodes of expensive BDs.

  5. Doing something for free is not an excuse nor does it entitle you to be intentionally obtuse about accuracy in your sub titles. Fansubs survive by doing accurate work sometimes better than official. You shouldn’t compromise out of laziness to put in accurate subs to match the words being spoken in english.

    1. Then may I suggest if you aren’t happy, you take your “business” elsewhere and find someone who does work up to your exacting standards? Because you’re not going to find it here.

  6. Hopefully one day there’ll be a fansub compiling batcher with standards. Because clearly you have none. You’re ignoring blatantly inaccurate subs because you’re oversensitive about a word that’s neither offensive or contextually could be misconstrued to be such. You’ve done good work in the past to correct subs for both accuracy & consistency. I appreciate that. But if your new process if to just ignore an issue that’s apparently so easy to fix then clearly you’ve changed. I & many others are disappointed in your sharp decline.

    1. Wow dude, it’s a softsub, just make your own edit. The hell’s wrong with you?

  7. So I just wanted to comment to say this isn’t in the Completed Series section, I almost missed it. ^^ Thanks for all the hard work.

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