Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 45

Episode 45 – With You: The Last Transformation

After Wataru rescues Otoya, the King reveals his true Fangire form and attacks, but Otoya escapes and encounters Kivat-bat the 2nd, who tells him that Maya sends a message: they can never meet again. If they do, the King will kill Taiga, who he is holding hostage. Disgusted by his actions, Kivat-bat the 2nd proposes a pact with Otoya, granting him the Dark Kiva powers at the risk of his life! In 2008, Taiga agonizes over Mio’s death until Bishop reveals Wataru did not kill her, he did, in order to send Wataru into despair. Taiga reacts violently, angering Bishop into acting on his own, plotting revenge…


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