Kamen Rider Hibiki Episode 18

Volume Eighteen: Unrelenting Hurricane

Akira makes her way towards the ever-changing location of the Oonamazu but as she heads towards the battle, a puppet-type Makamou causes her to collapse under a bridge. Meanwhile, Asumu heads to Tachibana’s to drop off his notes and ends up helping Hinaka deal with the influx of customers. Finally, having tracked down the Oonamazu, Ibuki proceeds underground into the sewers to fight it for the final time…


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3 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Hibiki Episode 18”

  1. So this happened: http://ukiyaseed.weebly.com/ukiyaseeds-other-blog/kamen-rider-hibiki-the-seven-senki-films-complete-blu-ray-revealed

    Also there’s this: http://ukiyaseed.weebly.com/ukiyaseeds-other-blog/kamen-rider-ryuki-the-movie-episode-final-complete-blu-ray-revealed

    But I thought Ryuki’s movie already had a blu ray release? So now I don’t know what you’ve already gotten. I guess the new thing is the Director’s Cut is now getting a blu ray release?

    1. Yeah, they’re a bit late on that news. It showed up on Amazon a month ago and I preordered it because yes, the theatrical cut has a BD release already, but like the Kiva movie BD box, they included the DC.

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