Voltasaur Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 19

Brave 19: Kewtie! The Stolen Family

After meeting a spoiled boy named Yuuji, Utsusemimaru discovers that the boy’s parents are under the thrall of Debo Kewtie, a Debo Monster so cute it kidnaps parents away from their children. It’s up to Utchy to convince Yuuji to let go of his sadness and learn to fend for himself before it’s too late!


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3 thoughts on “Voltasaur Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 19”

  1. Probably been asked before but what’s the status on these releases? Just random episodes whenever? Curious.

    1. Just depends on what kind of mood I’m in and what I want to work on. Generally, Kamen Rider takes priority for me, but like right now, since Hibiki Box 1 is done and I won’t have the second box encoded for a few weeks and Zi-O Box 1 isn’t out until the end of the month, I’ll be working on LuPat Box 3 and more Kyoryuger for a few weeks.

  2. Ah I see, thank you very much for your hard work. Looking forward to watching Kyoryuger and Hibiki with these releases!

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