Kamen Rider Den-O Complete Series+Movies Batch

Complete Series+Movies Batch

Hop onboard the Train of Time once again as the Den-O series batch pulls out of the station at last!


This batch contains the following in 720p (v2s detailed below):

  • Episodes 1-49
  • Final Trilogy Special Edition
  • Hyper Battle Video
  • Kamen Rider Den-O The Movie: I’m Born! (Theatrical and Director’s Cuts)
  • Kamen Rider Den-O & Kiva – Climax Deka
  • Farewell Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown (Theatrical and Director’s Cuts)

Unlike usual, due to the number of fixes we’ve applied, the patches are available in one big pack for those who have already downloaded the single releases. The fixes are:

  • Episode 16: Revised line in the preview to match Episode 17.
  • Episode 17: Fixed incorrect chapter mark.
  • Episode 18: Reworded a line and removed “4” from Momotaros’ count to 10 as he skips it.
  • Episode 19: Updated title of Episode 20 in the preview.
  • Episode 20: Updated episode title. The file has been renamed to reflect new title but still includes v2 tag.
  • Episode 20-22, 25, 32, 33, 35, 36, 40, 42, 49, Final Trilogy SE, I’m Born (Theatrical & Director’s Cuts): Updated Yuuto’s catchphrase to match Over-Time’s version of it from later film appearances.
  • Episode 44: Corrected wording on a line.
  • Farewell Den-O: Corrected several of Kin’s lines to undo an unintentional change.

Download 720p

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Download Subtitle Script Pack

Download v2 Patch Pack

5 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Den-O Complete Series+Movies Batch”

  1. When using the filenames provided by you in the readme, the filename for episodes 18, 21, 32, 40, and the I’m Born Director’s Cut are not valid according to the patch utility.

    1. They should be fine since I used them when creating the patches but depending on where the files are, you may have path length issues. You can actually name the output files whatever you want and then just rename them afterward, so maybe do something like “E18-v2” and such and then just change the file name after it’s done patching.

  2. Dear OZC, thank you for all your work in bringing us this awesome shows in such high quality! These are absolutely fantastic! And I wanted to ask:

    1. Are you planning on doing any Ultras or Metal Heroes?

    2. I just noticed menu art gallery and its content – do you actually have all those shows in hd and plan on doing them? (mostly I mean Showa, earlier Heisei KR, Amazons Movie and Dekaranger)

    3. Will you do Director’s Cut versions of movies and episodes that you already done in Theatrical Cut?

    1. 1. At this time, no, because I already have my plate full with Rider and Sentai. Down the road, perhaps.
      2. Most everything I have menu art for are discs I have access to in some form. A few of them, I do not currently have and the menus were provided by others who do. Many of the early Heisei Riders are on BD but those discs are upscaled from SD resolution and don’t offer a whole lot of benefit, so they may or may not get encoded. Showa stuff is also up in the air depending on sub availability. The Amazons movie is not planned because I don’t have access to subs and if and when Over-Time subs it, they’ll use the BD encode sourced from my copy anyway. Dekaranger is also an upscale like that of the early Heisei Riders, so it’s a maybe as well.
      3. If subs exists for the Director’s Cut versions and there are native Director’s Cut releases, then yes. I did two “hybrid’ versions in the past for Movie War 2010 and W’s film The Gaia Memories of Fate and those were a lot of work for only moderate payoff, so any remaining DC’s will only happen if Toei put them on an actual BD and if there’s a need for me to encode them.

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