Voltasaur Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 12

Brave 12: Kick some butt! The King and I!

While cheering on his young friend Tsuyoshi at a Children’s Day sumo tournament, Daigo and the others are attacked by Debo Boizdey, which triggers a flashback to Utchy’s past. He and Daigo find themselves trapped together in an odd world, and the only way out is for him to finally trust Daigo!


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2 thoughts on “Voltasaur Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 12”

  1. Don’t suppose you found the Drive Secret Missions anywhere? I was hoping I wouldn’t have to resort to TV-N.

    1. I don’t currently have them on hand. They might be on one of my storage drives, but I haven’t had time to look there yet.

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