Kamen Rider Build Episode 31

Episode 31: Surging Magma!

As Misora and Sawa discover a shocking secret behind Ryuuga’s birth, Rogue reveals that Nanba is disguised as Midou, and when the Riders go to secure the box before it can fall into Seito’s hands, Ryuuga unlocks a new power thanks to the Magma Knuckle…


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2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Build Episode 31”

  1. hmm, so I guess that GenmCorp didn’t send any updated scripts for this to include the subbed insert song for Cross-Z huh?

    1. Nope, requested them several times, was promised I’d get them, and then got radio silence for over a week, so I had no choice but to move on without the updated ones. Should they have them ready before I batch the series, I’ll release v2s with those included.

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