Voltasaur Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 1

Brave 1: HE’S HERE! The Crimson King!

After millions of years, the Deboss Army has returned to attempt to wipe out the world of man, after having nearly succeeded to do so during the era of the dinosaurs. Standing in their way is Kiryuu Daigo, who has been tasked to first find and battle the Voltasaur Gabutyra so he can become one of the Kyoryugers.

Brave In! Time to kick off our next catalog Super Sentai release! Thanks go out to GalaxyToku on ADC for providing the BDs, and of course, to Over-Time for the subs! We’ve got 1080p and 720p versions here since this was the series where Toei changed over to 1080p cameras for Super Sentai. One change I’ve made is using Sentai for most instances that Team was originally used in the subs, mostly since that’s how Over-Time has been doing it from ToQ onward. There are some instances where Team will be left if it is more appropriate in context. Otherwise, just the usual spelling revisions and such that should match the eventual final names used. If there are any I missed, let me know. Enjoy!


1080p – Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

720p – Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

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2 thoughts on “Voltasaur Sentai Kyoryuger Episode 1”

  1. Just one problem, they made a bunch if term errors, for example Zyuden DOES NOT mean Voltasaur, Zyudenryu Does

    1. I mean, it was either stick with what they felt was sufficient and used for the whole series, or change it to “Beast Power” and I’m partial to Voltasaur. Like always, people are free to edit the scripts and adjust things as they see fit.

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