Kamen Rider Amazons The Movie Season 1 – Awakening

Kamen Rider Amazons The Movie Season 1 – Awakening

When flesh-eating monsters known as “Amazons” appear, the destinies of two men will forever change. Jin, Alpha… hellbent on destroying every last Amazon, including himself. Haruka, Omega… seeking the truth of his existence. Between them: friends, enemies, family, lovers. The story of the Amazon Riders begins here!


We’re returning to the Armour Zone with a special release! Included in the full movie BD Box for the Amazons finale movie are the two compilation films that recap each season, and since Toei didn’t add any new dialogue to the films, I’ve been able to transplant the subs from the series to the movie. As you can expect of a movie that condenses 13 episodes of material into an hour and forty minutes, there is a lot of cut content, but despite that, it still serves as a pretty decent recap. I’ll be working on the movie for Season 2 soon, so keep an eye out for it!


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  1. So, like, since you keep an active percentage list of your current active projects on display, would it be possible to also display a list of movies that are in the pipeline as well (e.g. the other Amazons compilation movie, Ex-aid True Ending, Fourze DC episodes, etc.)?

    1. I prefer not to put that kind of stuff on there because many of them that would go on there are “would like to do” rather than things that will happen for sure. However, I might consider it in select instances, like the Amazons compilations.

      1. Hey,sorry for disturbing but may I ask when will you upload Amazons Season 2 The Movie and thank you for seeing my message.

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