Express Sentai ToQGer Complete Series Batch

Complete Series Batch

All aboard for the ToQGer series batch! The last remaining temporary batch we made after the shutdown of the old Nyaa, containing Episodes 1-18, is now retired and has been removed entirely.


This batch contains:

  • Episodes 1-47
  • Express Sentai ToQGer vs Kamen Rider Gaim – Spring Break Combo Special


No patches have been made for these, so if you already have the individual releases, you’re all set. The early episodes have also been added to KRDL and are available for DDL over there. Enjoy!


EDIT 9/24: I was reminded in the comments that Earthly released a batch of the Everybody’s Train Corner segments that were left out of the BDs, so if you’re interested in grabbing a copy of those as extras, CLICK HERE.


1080p Batch – Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

720p Batch – Torrent (AniDex)   Magnet

Download Subtitle Script Pack

9 thoughts on “Express Sentai ToQGer Complete Series Batch”

    1. They did have Clean OPs, but I didn’t obtain them in advance and I didn’t want to ask Howling_Snail go through and re-rip all the discs just to get them considering he’s had a busy schedule recently. I’d rather he do it when and if he feels like doing it and I’ll just release them as their own little batch later.

    1. Indeed, good call. I considered including those but decided against it just because I wanted to leave it to BD-only files. I’ll add that into the main post since that’s a good extra.

    1. Depends on what you mean. If you mean the previews at the end of one episode don’t match the file titles and the episodes themselves, that’s because I’m bad about remembering to cross-check those. Otherwise, the titles should match the episodes other than if there is certain punctuation like question marks because you can’t have a question mark in a file name, so I have to just leave those out when they’re in a title.

      1. OZC Episode 1 in this batch is called “Let’s Go By Special Express Train” and the actual episode name is “Let’s Ride the Limited Express Train”, Episode 2 title in this batch is the same as the actual episode name, but the rest in this batch is like episode 1, the batch title different then the actual name.

        1. Where are you getting these names from because every episode title I’ve checked matches the file name and the name as written in the subs? If you’re referencing something like the Power Rangers Wiki, then yeah, they don’t match, because my file names, and the subs within, use the titles Over-Time gave the episodes because I use their translations. As you may or may not be aware, translation is not an exact science, which means the titles someone came up with for the Ranger Wiki or wherever else you’re seeing the episode names at don’t necessarily match what O-T’s translators chose to use. You’re free to edit the scripts and make them suit your liking. That’s why I include a script pack on the batch download.

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