Express Sentai ToQGer Episode 45

Station 45: The Home You Left

With Grita’s help, the ToQGers free their hometown, but the celebration is short-lived as the Rainbow Line President reveals a connection between Right and Zed! Resolving to return his friends home, Right tricks the others and then storms the Castle Terminal himself…


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3 thoughts on “Express Sentai ToQGer Episode 45”

  1. When ToQger is finished, will we be expecting too see another Super Sentai series from this subgroup. Or will the group be mainly focusing on other Heisei Kamen Rider series such as Den-O?

    1. In the short term, the focus will shift to Den-O, the rest of Kyuranger, and the next Build box, but there are several Super Sentai series we’ll be doing down the road, including Go-Onger and Kyoryuger.

      1. If I could make a recommendation. Since Power Rangers Beast Morphers is adapting Go-Busters. Why not we do Go-Busters. Last time I check it was released on Blu Ray.

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