Kamen Rider Build Episode 19

Episode 19: The Forbidden Item

With the Sclash Driver becoming a weapon of war in the escalating battle between Cross-Z and Grease, Sento searches for the keyword to the forbidden item that Katsuragi locked away. Meanwhile, Stalk informs Kazumi that while he can’t further boost Grease, he can power up the three Hard Smashes, but at the risk of their lives should they be defeated…


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2 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Build Episode 19”

  1. I’m catching up on Over-Time’s releases of Build. In Episode 46 around the 7:08 mark, the line says “Even if it was rid the world of Evolt, it feels like too many sacrifices were made.”

    It should probably read something like “Even if it would rid the world of Evolt”.


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