7 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Den-O Episode 12”

      1. The only one that has a clean OP is Amazons Season 1, which has been pulled, but the DDLs still are available for the bonus features.

  1. So, like, Go-Onger Blu-Rays were announced a while ago, but since you have a working relationship with Earthly Subs (from the Den-O project) and Earthly already did a Go-Onger scrub, and assuming the ISOs eventually become available and some other stars align, is Go-Onger on blu-ray something you’d consider doing? Or does Earthly already have a plan in place?



    1. Short version: yes.

      Longer version: Yes, and the plan right now is once ToQ is done, we’ll jump backwards and do Go-Onger since HowlingSnail, our regular sentai BD source, is planning to get them.

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