Space Sentai Kyuranger Episode 12

Space 12: The 11 Ultimate All Stars

Ikagen has stolen the Puppis Kyu Globe from the Kyurangers! The Kyurangers fight to get it back, but cannot surpass Ikagen’s tricky ability designed to avoid their attacks! Xiao comes up with an interesting hypothesis that could explain Ikagen’s chain of attacks, but Lucky refuses thanks to his recent run of bad luck…

Normally, this is where I’d say that’s it for Box 1 and we’ll be back with more in a few months, but thanks to all the delays, Box 2 shipped already and we should be getting the files to encode from Howling_Snail in the next week or thereabouts, so instead, I’ll just say, sit tight for more Kyuranger in about a week and a half or so!


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  1. Well, hopefully you can finished with the rest of the episodes from Ex-Aid from the 3rd BD Box, as well as the third part of Snipe Episode Zero, since Excite subs finished with there version of the script.

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