Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 28

Episode 28: Surpass Your Identity

Emu managed to notice Poppy smiling after the Rider’s battle against Lovelica. With her sudden change of heart, Emu believes that she was suddenly swept up in all the commotion. Although he was attacked by Kamen Rider Poppy, Emu does not believe she is a bad Bugster and resolves to bring her back to CR…


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6 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Episode 28”

  1. so, how goes with the releases since just another month until the 4th BD Box for Ex-Aid to come out.

    1. My health issues have put releases on hold until my surgery, which is scheduled for this Friday. I’m hoping to resume releases right after that.

      1. Oh, so Excite subs had finally uploaded Chou Super Hero War; will you be releasing your version including the script and the one from RTA later on?

        1. Did RTA release the movie? I never did see if there was a release from RTA, but if there is, then yes. There also wasn’t a 1080p encode from Excite that I saw, so even if RTA didn’t, then I’d probably do a 1080p version.

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