Kamen Rider Gaim Design Gallery

Kamen Rider Gaim Design Gallery

Once again, it’s time for a design gallery, this time for Gaim! This is another one with no equipment images, but we get all the Riders, plus helmet closeups, as well as Inves and Overlord art. I’ve included the pieces from the Gaim Gaiden films as well. Mega downloads are available as always, along with the usual Flickr gallery. Enjoy!

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11 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Gaim Design Gallery”

  1. fyi. the equipment, weapons, and lockseeds design are in gaim warring cocktail book

    1. Should be up tomorrow night. Had a couple small work projects to knock out tonight but I’ll be free tomorrow to post it.

  2. are there plans on doing the “Hesiei Generations” movie but perhaps making a revised track like using the excite subs but including the insert song subbed by RTA/over-time as well as including some subs both forgotten like including Deadheat for Drive and announcements from the activations of forms or finishers from the other riders?

    1. I’ll likely be doing Heisei Generations, yes, since I want to release one encode with both sub tracks (like I did with the Aesir and O-T tracks for Fourze’s movies and such). I am waiting for a possible commentary track to include, but I may simply patch that in later if the commentators inform me that it’ll be delayed. I don’t know if I’ll add the insert song (adding song lyrics to stuff is low priority for me) but adding missing belt sounds, as long as they are audible in the mix, is something I would do. Those are small enough additions to the tracks that they would just get added to the tracks as-is rather than as a Gaim-style “revised” track.

      1. On a similar wavelength, do you have any plans for the Kamen Rider Brave special?
        RTA released the full special and Excite just released the script. I guess it just depends if you have the Blu-Ray or if you can at least find the ISO somewhere?

        1. No plans because like the HBV and the Legend Rider series, they are only released on DVD, and while I did encode the HBV for Excite upon request, it’s not normally something I’d have otherwise encoded.

          1. The Kamen Rider Brave special actually does have a blu ray release, which is why I was specifically asking about that one.




            It still is a shame that the HBVs, Legend Rider series, and similar stuff doesn’t get a blu-ray release.

            It’s doubly annoying for the Kamen Rider Gemn specials which absolutely should have been a bonus on the Heisei Generations release. Dang it, Toei….


            Also, thank you for encoding the HBV for Excite; that is awesome.

            1. Well damn, I ordered the Night of Safari Gashat from Nippon-Yasan but it didn’t list a DVD or BD, and I don’t think it cost enough to be the BD release. I’ll wait for it to arrive and if it doesn’t have the BD, I’ll start looking into getting it.

  3. Since this is the Gaim design gallery, did the Gaim blu-rays contain any interesting menu art (i.e. some potential wallpapers)?

    1. Yeah, there were some decent menus. I’m hoping to finally start assembling the menu gallery soon.

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