Kamen Rider Ghost Wrap Up

Another year gone by, and another Rider series completed, so of course, that means another wrap up post!


Ghost was… well, let me put it this way. Between doing Wizard and Ghost in the last 9  months or so, I’d forgive you if you ran away screaming. I think that about says enough.


For the 2nd year of doing the BDs as they released, I’m still really happy to have been able to release them like that. These quarterly boxes pace the episodes just right so that I don’t get burnt out on a series too quickly. Unfortunately, for Boxes 2 and 3, the yen’s exchange rate wasn’t nearly as favorable as it was during Drive’s run, but it’s managed to pop back up to a comfortable level.


So, the usual question is: what’s next? Like with Drive, our direct involvement is at an end for the most part. The Ghost Summer movie arrived today and is uploading to hand off to Over-Time for encoding and subbing whenever they get time to do so. We’ve also got the Specter V-Cinema in April, which I’ll be picking up, and as soon as it’s up for preorder, the Heisei Generations crossover with Wizard, Gaim, Drive, Ghost, and Ex-Aid, which will probably release in May based on previous movies.


The series batch will be posted in the next few days. There will be one v2 for earlier episodes, that being Episode 36 to fix a typo in the subs I forgot to fix. We’ll also be posting the usual design gallery images over the weekend, so look out for those.


Otherwise, Gaim and ToQGer releases will pick back up soon, probably next week. We’ve also got a few Rider BD boxes on the way in the next few months, all of which I’m currently intending to pick up. We have:

  • Kamen Rider Amazons Season 1 in early February
  • Kamen Rider Decade in early March
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid BD Box 1 in mid-April

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that Ex-Aid has been planned since the first box went up for pre-order, and so far, after 14 episodes, I don’t see any reason that’ll change. So, look for those series over the next few months!

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  1. I’m from Brazil. Thank you so much for the complete series. I’m waiting for decade BD, I hope you post decade and Faiz HD too. Loooooooooooooooong life OZC.

  2. Hello, thanks for this accomplished project!
    Is there any chance of making the first Heisei Riders in blu-ray like: Blade, 555, Agito, etc?

    thanks a lot.


    1. It’s possible, but the early Heisei shows are low priority. They are all upscales and don’t always have serviceable subs.

    1. Yes. Generally, I don’t buy these BDs without having an intention of releasing them, other than the various movies, since those are because I’m a completionist and I just hand them off to Over-Time for encoding and subbing. Amazon was one where I originally planned to release them with the existing subs, but there is a project going on to resub them. However, I don’t know when that’s supposed to be complete. I may end up releasing those anyway at some point if the new subs don’t materialize in the near-ish future, just because I’m anxious to watch the BDs.

      1. Oh? This is the first I’ve heard about a separate resub project.  Assuming the timing of everything works out, would you plan on doing multiple tracks (Over-Time’s, Amazon Prime’s, and this other project), or is it too soon to comment on that?

        1. I just realized this was about Kamen Rider Amazon not Kamen Rider AmazonS; that explains why I was so confused. Never mind…

          1. Yeah, as it stands, Amazons will just be the Over-Time subs. I wasn’t going to get the series if the Amazon Prime streaming had begun before the first season released on BD but since that’s yet to happen, I’m getting the BDs. As for Amazon, yeah, that’s the one getting resubbed.

  3. Say, when you do get the BD’s for Ex-Aid, you think you could make a second track for it, like having the phrases from the Gamer Driver and Gashacon weapons like from the subs from TV-Nihon?

    1. Not gonna happen for several reasons. I don’t have the skill with the ASSDraw tool to animate those effects, and since TV-N hardsubs their subs, I can’t just use their versions as a second track. If you just mean their translations for them, maybe, but I’m not committing to anything. The more sub tracks I have to add, the longer releases take.

      1. No, not animate the effects just leave them as it is like “Kimewaza”.  If not, then perhaps you can change a few things then; like correcting the translation to ‘Game Illness’, Excite has already fixing that in the later episodes but perhaps you could rewrite the earlier episodes.  Also for the op subs, its “Turn it On” as well as the start of it its “I can not believe”.

        1. If you want to change terms, you are free to edit the sub tracks and mux your own versions, but I’m not going to go with an alternate track just for altered terms. Gaim is a special case because I’m heavily altering things there. As for the corrections, I’ll be consulting with Excite to see if they’d be willing to provide an updated set of subs when we get closer to the BD release. If not, I’ll make certain edits myself.

  4. Hi,

    I have a few random questions (sorry, I’m not sure where else to ask…):

    1. In regards to Decade, what are your current plans for finding subtitles? As far as I know MillionFold Curiosity only resubbed the first three episodes (with Grongi dialogue thankfully), but all the others are either a scrub of TVN or what is basically TVN.  It may warrant a Gaim style, introductory post of “this is the terminology that’s getting changed”? Also, any word about All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker? Also, any idea about how it would be encoded? I’m assuming it would be at 720p (like OOO and W), because didn’t they change their cameras when they started filming Wizard/Kyoruger? I’m no expert at encoding so I don’t understand how that worked?

    2. This is completely random, but any word about picking up Space Squad: Dekaranger vs. Gavan, or is that too “outside of your wheelhouse”?

    3. What is the status of Black RX? (If there was a twitter note about this, I apologize for missing it.)

    1. 1. For Decade, the plan right now is to use the assorted sources currently gathered together on Mega. So it’ll basically be a mix of sources from MegaAnon, HikariSenshi, MidnightCrewSubs, Over-Time, and NTN (NotTV-Nihon), and I’ll do my best to unify everything. The biggest problem I am going to have there is that I haven’t watched Decade since just after I watched W originally, so I had to use TV-N entirely at that time, and so I don’t really remember what terminology I might need/want to change. That said, yes, a Gaim-like post will go up in mid-February so that I can get community feedback on that, since the toku community at large will likely be able to refresh my memory on what might need to be changed. As for All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, I have it saved to my wishlist on Amazon Japan, but I gotta figure out what the sub source would be before I buy it. It would be a 720p encode, just as the series will be. As you said, Wizard/Kyoryuger was when the cameras changed, so there’s really no benefit to 1080p encodes for these since they are simple upscales anyway, which your TV/monitor can do just as well.


      2. Not planning on getting it. It’s not necessarily outside my wheelhouse, but unlike the various movies I pick up now, where they tie into other stuff I’m working on anyway, there’s no connection there, and I’ve been pretty tightly controlling my budget lately, especially in the face of the fluctuating yen exchange rate. I’m looking forward to the movie though and hopefully, someone will be subbing it and will pick up the BD.


      3. On hold for now, but certainly not dropped. Right now, I think I’m going to try and finish out Gaim and then have Black RX take that slot. I’m gonna toss Decade in although it’ll be a bit “out of cycle” opposed to the smaller boxes like Amazons, Zyuohger, and Ghost or Ex-Aid, since those are 11-13 episodes on average, while Decade’s gonna be all 31 in one box, but that’s a bit of a special case. Unlike Decade and Gaim, where I’m expecting that the edits will be fairly minor and mostly involve terminology tweaks, Black RX’s subs are kind of a mess and need a full blown editing pass on them. That slows work down on them quite a bit. Still, I have experience in rewriting subtitles to flow better, having rewritten some subs that were 20+ years old in the past, so Black RX won’t be too bad, just time consuming, hence why I want to finish Gaim first.

      1. I´m curious, why bother releasing Black RX when they already have subs for the blu ray versions?

        is it just for completionist sake, or are you changing anything? (sorry, if you have already answered this elsewhere)

  5. Hey, sorry, just wanted to ask if there was an email address I could contact you via. There’s something I’d rather discuss in private.

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