Kamen Rider Drive Episode 36

Episode 36: Where On the Side of Justice Will the Bullet Fall?

Having lured Shinnosuke into his trap, Nira intends to frame him and kill him with the same gun that killed Shinnosuke’s father. However, after managing to trick Nira and escape, the SCU and the Riders reveal Nira’s involvement with the Roidmudes, but before they can arrest him, they have to deal with Brain’s Ultimate Evolution.

That about does it for Drive Box 3! The few images from the bonus disc’s design gallery will be posted by Saturday, and the disc has been sent off to Over-Time so that they’ll have Type SCU Episode 3.  Otherwise, the final box releases January 6th along with Surprise Future, the summer movie, so look for Drive’s final arc in early January!


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8 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Drive Episode 36”

    1. Well, if and when we get dubs to sync, we’ll add them. For Fourze, the first one we have any serious number of episodes to work with, those dubs will start with Episode 32. We might also be able to get earlier episodes if another source pans out to obtain them. Beyond that, nothing else is scheduled to air that I have found.

      1. Interesting.

        I know dubs exist on the net for all of Kabuto, a good chunk of Decade, a handful of Fourze, and a pair of OOO.

        That would actually be pretty amazing to have another complete dubbed series, and I wish you luck.

        1. Yeah, I have access to the the OOO and Decade stuff that is out there via @Kitsunelaine on Twitter, and we’ve been working together on the Fourze stuff too. Getting more Fourze is all dependent on which episodes Okto starts their re-air with and whether I can capture them the way I did with the other episodes. The sound quality won’t be as good because our backup source isn’t as good, but it’s better than nothing. If we get earlier episodes, I’ll probably just release patch files for what is out, since I’m going to use a sub trick to simulate the commercial breaks on the dub, because they don’t use the natural break built into the show from the Japanese airing.

    1. Wizard and Gaim are already planned, but we’ll be releasing shows in production order other than Drive and possibly Ghost since those come out infrequently. So Gaim will eventually be done.

        1. They are low priority because the BDs are upscales. Once we are caught up with native HD shows, then we’ll consider doing older ones on a case-by-case basis, including availability of subs and such.

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