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Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 2

Episode 2: Come On, Outer Space

Kengo reveals to Gentarou that he must turn off the Zodiarts Switch used by the person who activated it in order to truly defeat a Zodiarts. As Gentarou and Yuki search the campus for the owner of the Zodiarts Switch, she begins to tell Gentarou more about Kengo and how he came to have the Fourze Driver and the Astro Switches.

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Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 1

Episode 1: Transforming High School Life

The new school year begins at Amanogawa High School, and Utahoshi Kengo is detecting strange energies around the school. And things get stranger when  Kisaragi Gentarou transfers into the school and decides that he wants to be Kengo’s friend.

Time to kick off our 4th Rider series! Just a few quick notes here, due to popular demand, we are including both the Over-Time subs and the Aesir subs, with both clean and styled variants for Aesir. Episode titles in the filenames and on the site are based on the default Over-Time tracks. Also, we’ve addressed the absolutely valid filesize complaints from OOO and used the revised encoding profile we are using on Drive, so filesizes should be more palatable now.

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