Kamen Rider Zi-O Wrap Up

Time has flown by but we’ve reached the end of Kamen Rider Zi-O and the end of the Heisei era of Kamen Riders!


As always, huge thanks to the Over-Time crew for the subs for this year, plus the past subbers like Excite, Aesir, Railler, and Earthly for the bits and pieces used to unify some of the TLs to match our other BD releases!


I truly enjoyed this season a lot, especially because I always hate coming to the end of a show and the thought that we might never see a cast of characters again. Kamen Rider has been good about avoiding this in so many cases, but it’s always a treat to see favorite characters return even just for a bit. It was also great to see this season give Decade so much attention to really drive home that anniversary aspect again. All in all, I think Jeeg said it best recently on Twitter: “It’s an excellent show with an incredible cast and a superb final act. That last episode will go down as one of the best ever. I think a few years from now we’ll realize what a masterpiece this season was.”


As usual, a batch is planned and I’d like to get it out before the end of the year, but I need to go back over my notes for possible v2 fixes, so it may be delayed a bit for that, especially as I want to finish Ryusoulger Box 1 first. DDL catch up is still planned as soon as KRDL’s upload system is working again for me.


Like I say almost every year when we finish the most current BD releases, this likely marks the end of my own direct involvement with releases for Zi-O, but one never knows if we’ll end up with multiple tracks for movies. The summer movie will be out in a few weeks, and the Geiz V-Cinext is scheduled for April, which I’ll be picking up.


Speaking of April, we’ve got a slightly longer wait for our next series as Toei is following their change for Ryusoulger and switching Zero-One to a three-box release method. That’ll mean more episodes (16 instead of 12) but a bit longer of a wait. However, we’re still going to keep going into the Reiwa era, so look for Kamen Rider Zero-One in a few months!


10 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Zi-O Wrap Up”

  1. Thanks for another Kamen Rider in glorious BD! Maybe by the next anniversary I will finally catch up to this one!

  2. Thanks for this, although I still wished we gotten earlier confirmation of certain names like for “Ohma” Zi-O, and that over-time would of had ‘Demon King’ instead of ‘Overlord’, given with the recent Legend Rider Progrise Keys which for Zi-O had the transformation announcement as, “Progrsie! Legend Celebrate! RiderTiming Zi-O!  An honorable and kind Demon King!”.

    1. I dunno, at a certain point, you have to take the way it sounds into consideration over the official TL. Like Double’s key is “Crime Counting Double” but having his catchphrase as “count up your sins” sounds slicker than “count up your crimes”. Same with Den-O where it’s “Ore Visiting Den-O” and “I’ve arrived” sounds way better than “I’m visiting”.

  3. @ Stardrago, TV-N had these names in their translation, whereas OT did not use them, also you were scolded by Ignis for bothering the group for so many years and you may got banned to post a comment over there.
    Just let the way is now, there is nothing you can do, unless you want to use the scripts and edit them to suit your taste.
    I do enjoy OZC releases, sure there is some issues, I tried to fix myself to not avail, some of the series got some weird “cold Start” (I wanted to convert the files from Mkv to Mp4 as this is the most widely used format among video players), while Mkv is far superior is mostly viewed via Desktop computer, is not supported on a Media Player Device connected to the Big TV Screen in the lounge-room.
    Notwithstanding, I have not complained to OZC about this, I would be happy if I can find a fix to that issue and put the series on that little box.

  4. @KR Mustang Try Handbrake for converting files to mp4. It has a ton of video and audio options and is really simple to use, plus results are great!

  5. It’s a bit of a shame some actors weren’t called or couldn’t show up due to busy schedules, which happened to all my favorite series except Faiz, but I really liked Zi-O and Sougo grew on me a lot by the end of it. It’s also pretty funny how Decade technically ended his arc in Zi-O, a decade after his show.


    Looking forward to the Geiz special, I heard it was really good

  6. @ Edd, I have Handbrake installed in my computer, also I use sometimes Avidemux 2.7 VC++ 64bits, with the later to add the script file and convert to Mp4, also I can size up the font to my liking.
    The file-size gets bigger, and not always display on the media player connected to the big TV, so I need to encode it with Handbrake; this task takes time, there is no batch sequence to prioritize the encoding of the files.
    There are another kind of program that I can use as well, which is more faster, but the “Cold Open” issue appears in the subtitle.
    This happens on Gaim, Ex-Aid, I like to do the conversion to view on the big screen TV, on the computer is no problem because there are some programs that handle the MKV files quite well.
    Handbrake uses .Srt scripts, most of the scripts are in .ass format.
    Although It would be too much to ask for a raw files, doing the conversion could be more convenient.

  7. @ Edd, also I would like to say that I am an amateur/enthusiast regarding to video encoding, OZC is a Pro in this area.

    Just I want to enjoy the releases he put here, only when something does not work for me, then I have to try to fix that issue on my own.

    Currently there is a lot of Media Players to hook up into the TV, most of them are Android powered, for some people without knowledge there will be some confusion which player to choose from; Android boxes comes in versions 6, 7, 8. Not sure if there are version 9 available.

    MKV files do not play well in some boxes, so that’s when a file conversion must be done; its tricky as well, when trying to insert the subtitles file into it.

    Well that’s my opinion.

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