Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 42

Episode 42 – The Power of Love: The King’s Rage

In 1986, Otoya battles Dark Kiva with IXA but is hopelessly outmatched and is taken prisoner by the King, intending to feed him to Castle Doran. Maya pretends not to care, but she seeks out Yuri and begs her to help rescue Otoya after she admits she is in love with him. Yuri agrees, and the two enter the Lost Woods, where Castle Doran sleeps. In 2008, Taiga is upset by Wataru’s decision to fight for humanity, pointing out they’ll end up fighting one another eventually. As Shima visits Yuri’s grave, he is attacked by a Fangire and gravely wounded, but Taiga offers Wataru a way to help him…


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