Super Kamen Rider Den-O Trilogy – Episode Yellow

Episode Yellow: Treasure de End Pirates

Tracking a mysterious man leaping through the night air of Tokyo, Ryotaro and the Imagins find themselves in November 2008, where the DenLiner is stolen by none other than Kaitou Daiki, Kamen Rider Diend! As Daiki tracks his past self, he faces off with Time Police officer Reiji Kurosaki, aka Kamen Rider G Den-O! Just what is the connection these two men share and who will prevail when the trigger is pulled?!


Well, after just about 13 months, Den-O has come to an end! While we’ll revisit Den-O here and there in the future, including in Decade and Zi-O, this marks the last major story starring Den-O (excluding the OOO/Den-O film which we released several years ago). One more time, HUGE thanks go to Earthly for the heavy lifting with the subs, and thanks to all the fans who make the effort worth our time. Enjoy!

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  1. It would have been sooooo cool for you to be releasing Decade and Zi-O at the same time, but I really don’t think the timing will work out, unfortunately…

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