Express Sentai ToQGer Wrap Up

Well, this only took… just shy of 22 months. Didn’t intend for that but hey, it’s done!


As usual, huge thanks to Howling_Snail for once again providing the BDs for use to do these releases. Definitely couldn’t do the vast majority of the Sentai we do without his generosity and his patience with helping fix a corrupted file that messed up plans back around Christmas. And of course, huge thanks also go out to the Over-Time crew for yet another series worth of subs. Couldn’t do it without them, either.


Not much to say about the series itself other than I think it gets a bad rap as one of the weaker entries in the last several years of Super Sentai, but I genuinely love how upbeat and no-nonsense about light vs. dark it is. I’m also a fan of trains, although I’m definitely no foamer (look it up) so it was a theme I was really interested in when it aired and revisiting it was just as good, if not better than my first watch.


The requisite batch will be on the way sometime next week after I get back from Crunchyroll Expo, although I might delay it slightly longer while I check into the availability of some possible extras to includeExpress Sentai ToQGer Wrap Up We’ll see. No major fixes that I can recall offhand, but I’ll be checking early episodes to make sure there’s nothing I need to fix. Keep an eye on Twitter for updates in that department. The missing episodes that need to get uploaded to KRDL will also get taken care of around when I release the batch, and the partial batch from the Nyaapocalypse will be retired.


For the future, in the short-term, the nightly releases will continue once I get back from my trip, starting with Kyuranger since we’re only a few episodes away from being done with the final BD box. After that, it’s not clear what Super Sentai we’ll be diving into next. There are a few options, including Go-Onger and Kyoryuger, and I’ve had requests for 720p versions of Gokaiger and a new encode for Go-Busters as well. All of those are ones I’d like to do at some point, I’m just not sure when and what order.


For those wondering about Ninninger, in the interest of getting more encodes out faster, I’ve left that to PocketUniverse for the time being, so head over there if you’re looking for 1080p Ninninger in a hurry. While I’ve always  been willing to encode something regardless of if someone else is doing/has done it because I enjoy rewatching shows while I work on them, it made more sense to look at some of the other shows that were becoming available, such as the aforementioned Go-Onger and Kyoryuger. Will I do Ninninger down the road? If nothing else, I may do 720p encodes to complement PocketUniverse’s 1080p releases. For now though, if you have a preference as to what you’d like to see, let me know in the comments and look for more Kyuranger in a week or so!

I picked this one of the handoff shots just because it was the only one I had that I liked. This doesn’t mean Kyoryuger is the next Sentai we’ll be doing, so tell me what you want to to see next in the comments!

21 thoughts on “Express Sentai ToQGer Wrap Up”

  1. As far as I’m concerned, I’d suggest you to do Kyoyuger, since I think Earthly will probably redo their Go-Onger Blu-rays, all the more you’ve got Kyoryuger Blu-rays. For Go-Busters, I look forward to a batch of your Blu-rays on ADC.^^

  2. Wow, thanks a lot !!! I want to rewatch this show now XD

    I vote for Kyoryuger. Brave Frontier made me want to rewatch that show and Sakamoto’s fight scenes in Blu-Ray quality are always amazing.

  3. Congrats!  Didn’t realize there was such a demand for 720ps for our releases, we can take care of those.  I agree with Jack, Kyoryuger and Go-onger would be nice next ^_^

  4. >I’ve had requests for 720p versions of Gokaiger and a new encode for Go-Busters as well.


    I’m totally down for releasing Gokaiger and Go-Busters, especially if they can include both Over-Time’s and Free Joker’s sub tracks. I’m cool with doing Kyoryuger before those if that’s what people wants; I’m just excited that Gokaiger/Go-Busters are slated for release at all.

    Also, here’s something to consider. With Power Rangers: Beast Morphers happening next year, interest in Go-Busters would peak. So the best time to start releasing Go-Busters would probably in Spring 2019 close to whenever Beast Mophers actually premiers. 

    1. Yeah, there’s no specific timeframe for either, and at least for Gokai, PocketUniverse has already done it, so like Ninnin, it’s lower priority if I even do it. It’s one of those “I might do it anyway if I decide to rewatch it but until then, eh…” kinds of things.

  5. Is there any possible way to do crisp 1080 encodes for Go-Busters?

    Also, thanks for all that you do!

    1. There’s no point in doing 1080p for Go-Bus because it was shot with 720p cameras. Kyoryuger was the first Sentai series to make the jump to 1080p cameras.

      1. The reason  I asked is because Pocket Universe released Shinkenger and Gokaiger in 1080, and well, those came before Go-Busters.

          1. Awww. Well, I most definitely see your point. I still think that they look good in 1080p, even if they were shot with 720p cameras. 🙂

  6. Thanks for ToQ! Kyoryuger would be awesome, but honestly I’m just really looking forward to those last few Kyuranger episodes.

  7. Guess i’m the 1st one here expecting goonger more than kyuranger.. thanks for finishing ToQGer by the way.. one of my favorite sentai 😊

  8. I would also like to see Kyoruger as the next Sentai series, although do you think you could do the Brave Prelude first, cause if Shout Factory does get to the point in doing a box set of it, I don’t know if they will include a BD format or even include this special that is a director’s cut of the first 4 episodes.

    1. It’s on the list of stuff I’d like to do, but since I don’t believe there are translations for the extra bits, if I do it, it would be later on if and when I can get those parts translated. Initially, it’ll just be the regular cuts.

  9. Fantastic, I was actually waiting for the wrap up to grab the whole thing in one shot. As for whats next I have always loved both Go-Onger and Kyuryuger but I’m leaning on Go-On more as I really want to show that to a few family members. They’ve become fans of Sentai and Kamen Rider thanks to you’re fantastic subbs, so if there’s a superior version of my favorite series I would rather wait and show them that.

  10. I was thinking, maybe some Akibaranger Season 2 maybe? IIRC, Howling_Snail has the Blu-Rays for them. Pleeeeaaaaassseeee?

    1. I have the BDs for Akiba S2 and will be doing them at some point. It’s just a matter of when I feel like getting around to them.

  11. I would love to finally see my first Sentai, Kyouryuger, in 1080p, I would also love if you did theater directors cut of tgtge first four episodes, the raw was recently released by PocketunI

    MIGHT I ALSO ADD THAT I HAVE ALL OF YIUR RELEASES DOWNLOADED!!!! You’ve done a ton over the years! Thank you!!!!!!

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