Animal Sentai Zyuohger Wrap Up

At last, our first Super Sentai wrap up post and what a fantastic series it’s for!


First off is the requisite shout-out to Howling_Snail who has been incredibly generous by sharing these BDs with me for these releases. I have a fairly flexible entertainment budget, but I simply can’t swing the cost of both the annual Rider BDs and the Super Sentai BDs as well, so this release is entirely possible thanks to him. Along those lines, as always, thanks go out to the Over-Time crew for all their work with the subs every year too. Couldn’t do it without you guys.


I’d actually slept on Zyuohger after Ninninger left me less than impressed, but the Gokaiger team-up forced me to go back and watch from the beginning because the Zyuohger cast was just fantastic, and I’m glad it ended up being our first full Super Sentai release. It was a lot of fun and a show I’d highly recommend to anyone, especially if you’re looking to get into Super Sentai.


The usual series batch is on the way and will include a handful of Clean OPs from the BDs, since the Sentai BDs include them, unlike the Rider BDs. Don’t ask me why that is because it beats me. Beyond that, I think we’re done with Zyuohger at this point since I don’t foresee any plans to encode any of the movies. I also don’t expect any v2 patches for anything but I’ll be double-checking for anything I may have noted that I’m forgetting about.


We’ll be jumping back into ToQGer episodes at last in the next week or two, schedule permitting. As you may know if you follow me on Twitter, I’m actually working a second job these days that has to take priority over the encodes and I often get projects dropped in my lap at a moment’s notice, so while I try and announce my intentions for when I want to release things, it hasn’t always worked out as I’d like. However, this other job allows me greater flexibility to keep buying BDs, so I think the trade-off of some delays is worth it. Anyway, I’ve been working on ToQGer similar to how I finished off Gaim earlier this year by working on the episodes ahead of time so that I just have to sit down and do batches of QC passes.


Also, to address something that has been mentioned, I’ll be finishing an overhaul of the Completed Series page and finishing the population of the Sentai checksums page, so any missing things on both of those pages will be taken care of soon, probably by the end of this week.


Last, I’ve confirmed with Howling_Snail that he will be picking up Kyuranger, so we’ll be continuing the Super Sentai releases with those soon! The first box releases next month, although, between Howling_Snail’s schedule for next month and the time to upload the BDs to me, it’s possible we won’t get started until October. Either way, it’s coming, so watch for that soon!

17 thoughts on “Animal Sentai Zyuohger Wrap Up”

  1. out of curiosity, are there plans on the the Brave Prelude which has the first 4 episodes together in directer’s cut format, although I only remember being available in dvd format though.

    1. You mean for Kyoryuger? Since I haven’t managed to obtain the other Kyoryuger discs I’ve been trying to get for the past couple of years, there’s nothing Kyoryuger planned at this time and that’s unlikely to change until I manage to get the rest of the BDs.

      1. I’d like to get the Kyoryuger Blu-Rays at some point, funds and other factors permitting. So we’ll see. The Brave Prelude has a Blu-Ray release too though.

    1. Unfortunately, as far as I’m aware, they didn’t do any design galleries on the Sentai BDs. Maybe that’s the tradeoff for the clean OPs.

        1. Oh, if they’re there, I’ll see if I can get them. Since I don’t have the BDs themselves and just get the files I otherwise need from the discs, I assumed there weren’t any since I don’t recall getting any image files, but it’s possible they were sent to me and I just overlooked them. If I have them or can get them easily enough, I’ll do them for sure since I love production art.

  2. I’ve always wondered something, would it ever be possible for you to upload some of the bluray extras? More specifically the making-ofs. I know no one subs them, but I just love seeing the actors interacting behind the scenes together to make the show that I have watched & loved for over a year. Usually I don’t have problems getting them because BunnyHat uploads them with their raw batches but I doubt they’ll upload Raws for the series’ you’ve subbed when you’ve made them with high quality raws already. Obviously I’m not demanding or trying to be rude about it, as I am extremely grateful for all your hard work, its just a question I’ve had for a while 🙂

    1. Possibly, though that kind of stuff is low priority for me, mostly due to space concerns on my seedbox and in many cases, needing to re-rip the bonus discs to get those files off of them. But it’s something I can certainly consider doing at some point down the road.

    2. I uploaded the  ToQger CROSSRAILs, which are well worth a watch. It’s the cast hanging out and doing stuff and talking about the show and drinking from what are quite blatantly 1.5l bottles of Coca Cola with the labels removed. They’re here:

      I’ve been encoding the relevant bonus features from Ninninger too so I’ll upload those eventually. Zyuohger would require me to re-rip all the disks which I’m not massively keen on, particularly as I’d have to do it in the next few weeks. Maybe at Christmas, but not right now.

      I actually have assorted ToQger bonus features ripped from the last volume, such as the finale making of, announcements and things. I might re-rip disk 1 and see about getting the things from that and uploading them.

  3. So, IIRC, the following are in the pipeline (at least what’s been publicly announced):

    – Rolling forward with the current series (i.e., Build and Kyuranger)

    – Black RX

    – Wizard Dub

    – Akibaranger S2

    – Amazons S2

    – Decade (New Sub)

    – OOO and Fourze DC (New Sub)

    – Gaim Gaiden 2 (New Sub)


    Is there any I missed?


    Also, regarding the new sub projects (Decade, et. al.), since everything you’ve released so far has (basically, more or less) been a scrub, would you consider releasing those under something like [OZC-Live Subs] to help really differentiate (especially in the filenames) that these do have a completely fresh sub?

      1. The stuff that ends up with all-new subs will probably be tagged as a joint release, so [OtherGroup-OZC] or something like that. The OOO and Fourze DCs, once I have time to sort those out, will probably just be standard OZC-Live releases because we’ll be using Over-Time”s translations for the majority of the subs.


        But yeah, that’s pretty much everything, plus Ninninger. I’d also like to go back and do Kyoryuger after Ninninger is done if I can get my hands on the rest of the BDs, either by buying them or someone providing me with the discs. It’s a lot of stuff planned, but it’s a good thing since it means I have plenty to work on to keep me busy for a while.

  4. > Also, to address something that has been mentioned, I’ll be finishing an overhaul of the Completed Series page 

    Would this include an eventual Media Gallery page?


    Also, congrats on finishing another series!
    Thanks again for all of this. 🙂

  5. Thanks for these Zyuohger releases. Just wanting to check that you are still planning on doing the batch (with the clean OPs)? Thanks!

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