Kamen Rider Amazons Wrap Up

It’s not often I get to do one of these wrap ups so quickly but here we are. So, let’s get right to it!


As many people likely know by now, Amazons Season 2 starts up in a little less than a month, so the timing for these BDs is really no surprise, all things considered. Honestly, part of me had hoped that we might get official streams before these BDs came out, since hopefully, a US home video release would also follow, and opening the door to official Rider releases in the west would certainly be welcome. However, since it didn’t happen yet, here we are.


With that in mind, a batch release will be out in a few days. Despite the changes to the encoding profile I made after the first few episodes to address some banding issues that aren’t generally an issue with the longer series, I don’t anticipate replacing any of the encodes as released. I could probably marginally improve one or two episodes, but after rewatching them, I’m still happy with them as they are. The only planned revision for the batch is a v2 for Episode 5 to attach a font I forgot. The batch will also include the commercial announcing that a 2nd season would be made, which originally aired during an episode of Ghost as I recall. I’ll also be including the two OPs for the TV cut which were included on the BDs. Those will be batch-only materials unless there is enough demand to do a separate torrent for them too.


As is standard with the modern shows, a design gallery was included, although it only consists of four images. Still, it’ll go up on Saturday or Sunday, probably at the same time as the batch.


Normally, I end these posts with what is planned for release next, but since there’s nothing to follow this yet, let’s talk Decade for a second. For those of you who haven’t heard, we’re teaming up with MegaBeast Empire to do a resub project for Decade. These will be entirely new translations across the board, with the exception of the Decade/Shinkenger crossover, which we’ve gotten the greenlight to use the existing Over-Time translation for. The plan is also to do the assorted movies and bonus material as well.


I want to temper expectations on the speed for this project straight away. While I’ll be handling encoding and distro, and helping with QC, the translation side is being handled by MBE, so we’ll be working entirely based on their schedule and availability. Episodes will be out when they are out.


Otherwise, we should have more Zyuohger on the way in the next week or so, Ex-Aid in April, and picking back up on Gaim and ToQGer. Busy times here at OZC-Live, but better than having nothing to do. So, look forward to all that coming soon, especially our “Journey Through the Decade”!

6 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Amazons Wrap Up”

  1. Hi,

    I’m excited for the Decade resub project and I hope everything goes well and is an enjoyable experience for all involved. 🙂

    I do have several questions.

    1. Any word on how you will be handling the Kuuga episodes (especially since you’ve already got the greenlight for Over-time’s Decade episodes)? i.e. will there separate tracks for the Grongi dialog kind of like the Overlord-ese for the Gaim releases?

    2. For those of us who don’t know, what kind of extras were included in the TV box set (I’m assuming things like creditless opening and endings, but what else)? For that matter, were there any interesting extras included with the movie blu-rays?

    3. Were you ever able to track down the dub specifically for the Shinkenger crossover? I know at one point you were trying to track down as much of the dub as possible on twitter.

    4. um, just to make sure, but um, Kamen Rider Decade vs. Masked Rider DCD?

    1. Good questions. In order:


      1. Yeah, that’s exactly the plan, we’ll have an extra track for the Grongi, with the default being ciphered.


      2. Unfortunately, Rider BDs almost never include clean OPs. The extras are assorted but include various behind-the-scenes things, cast interviews, and such. The movies usually have a trailer and sometimes an interview but I haven’t looked closely at them. Honestly, I’ll be relying on Champstice to tell me what each extra is in most cases because most of the extras are fairly non-descript to me. We’re looking into doing the Hyper Battle Video as a downloadable BD ISO as well, because the way it works, it’s a branching video, which can’t really be encoded as such.


      3. Still looking into it. I’ve got a number of episodes (16-28, and 31, plus another one I need to look at what it is because the file name has no episode number in it). If Okto reairs Decade after Wizard ends, I’ll do my best to capture it, but right now, my only compatible capture device is an HP Touchpad hacked to run Android, and the other Android devices I have tried don’t work to capture audio, and I don’t have it in my budget to buy a new tablet just for capturing the dubs.


      4. Kamen Rider Decade. Masked Rider would have been fine, but there was no way in hell we’d use DCD over Decade.

      1. 1. Awesome! Good to know. 🙂

        2. I wasn’t even thinking about the Hyper Battle Video, so that’s actually really awesome.

        3. Those are episodes 24 and 25, so we’re good. If I could only choose one arc of Decade to have the dubs for it would be the Shinkenger arc. In terms of dub capturing though, have you thought about using an Android emulator? I’m not sure if the dub capture can work that way through an emulator, but maybe it can?

        4. Thanks! Yeah, I know, I felt silly even asking it, but I felt like it still needed to be asked, and it might as well have been me to ask it. I know up until W, Toei marketed all Kamen Riders abroad as “Masked Rider” and it was due to Dragon Knight they changed their marketing to “Kamen Rider”, meaning the official English title Toei uses abroad for Movie War 2010 is in fact “Kamen Rider X Masked Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010. Yeah, it’s weird.

        1. Yeah, as far as the Masked vs Kamen thing goes, with the exception of The First/Next (which I don’t even remember them really using the term in either film), my thinking is generally that Heisei Riders get “Kamen” and Showa Riders get “Masked”, although that falls apart when dealing with the Showa Riders appearing in Heisei productions. Still, for file naming of series at least, that’s generally how I’d go about it.


          As for the tablet situation, I’ve tried a number of Android emulators and they don’t work with the streaming app that gets us access to the network the dubs air on. However, I got a deal on a Fire tablet, which should work well enough. The Android TV units I tried also didn’t work very well, so hopefully the Fire will be the solution I need. We’ll find out.

    1. To be honest, I’m wondering that myself. I haven’t heard from Champstice recently so I’m not sure where things are yet. I’ll reach out to him again in the next day or two and see if I can find out where things are looking like they’re at.

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