Kamen Rider Fourze Wrap Up

Another one in the bag! As I mentioned when I finished OOO, Fourze was my first Rider series and while it took some time to complete, I was glad to revisit it. Meteor’s arc is a little less tedious when you can marathon episodes rather than watching them weekly. Plus, that funky disco transformation tune is still my favorite.


It was fun getting to add the fairly terrible English dub to the episodes we could as well. While the editing had to get creative at times due to missing chunks of audio, I think it came out pretty decent. Give it a listen if you haven’t checked it out already because it’s interesting to say the least.


Anyway, the only major stuff remaining here is the Design Gallery, which I hope to have up tonight or tomorrow, and the final batch. There are a few Director’s Cut editions of some of the episodes, such as the Cosmic States debut and the final episode, but since A: I don’t have those discs and B: there are no subs for them that I am aware of, we won’t be doing them any time soon. Same with the summer movie, since Over-Time’s release was a BD encode anyway, and Aesir didn’t do subs for it. Since the same can be said of the Fourze x Wizard movie, this is pretty much farewell for the Kamen Rider Club.


As for what’s next, as I’ve said before, we’ll be moving forward in order, so Wizard is next. However, before I start on Wizard, I’d like to catch up with a few things I’ve been meaning to finish, those being the completion of Akibaranger Season 1, the 3D encode of OOO Wonderful, and if I can finish it in time, the hybrid HD recut of the Director’s Cut of W Forever. By that point, I should receive the first Ghost BD box (scheduled for mid-April), so those will get done and then we’ll dive into Wizard. This assumes that I don’t decide to just start Wizard sooner anyway. We’ll see. It’s my hope that Wizard will go faster thanks to only having one sub track opposed to the 3 and later 4 that we had for Fourze.


So, look for those other releases in the coming weeks, and whether you like Wizard or loathe it, it should at least look pretty in 1080p, so look forward to that too!

3 thoughts on “Kamen Rider Fourze Wrap Up”

  1. 🙂 Fourze was my first Kamen Rider, too, so it’s really, really nice to have a “definitive” version of it out there.
    While I was watching it week to week, I also caught up on W and OOO, which were awesome, and Decade, which while I had no context was also fine to watch.  And then after Fourze, I watched Wizard, which was very… very… certainly a thing that happened.

    It’s actually a shame that there isn’t a dubbed version of Wizard uploaded to the internet; that would actually be quite interesting to hear.

    I do know Kabuto has a complete English dub out there on the internet, but I have no idea if Kabuto has blu rays released yet…

    1. Yeah, we had hoped Wizard was going to have a dub run since up until Fourze, they had been running dubs of every previous show, but they just stopped and so far, no sign of Wizard, Gaim, or Drive have shown up outside of Drive being shopped at a licencing expo.


      There is a Kabuto BD release but the sources never showed up at any of my regular sources so until they do, I wouldn’t be able to do anything with them unless I buy them, and right now, my Rider BD budget is going to Ghost..

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