OOO · Den-O · All Riders – Let’s Go Kamen Riders

OOO · Den-O · All Riders – Let’s Go Kamen Riders

After a battle with three Mole Imagin, Eiji and Ankh team up with Kotarou and Momotaros as they travel back in time to 1971 aboard the Den-Liner to stop the Imagin. But Ankh’s desire to obtain Core Medals while in the past sets off a chain of events that alters the 40 year history of the Riders and the world. It’s up to OOO and New Den-O to stop Shocker’s plans for world domination and restore the timeline… and the Kamen Riders!


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2 thoughts on “OOO · Den-O · All Riders – Let’s Go Kamen Riders”

  1. I have a question: Do you have access to the director’s cut of the final episodes of OOO? I think it was called Episode Final or something like that?

    1. I don’t have an ISO for that, but Over-Time’s release was BD sourced, so it’s unlikely that I’ll be doing a release of anything they already did a BD version of unless there’s heavy demand for an 8-bit version of their 10-bit encodes. I’m pretty sure all their OOO stuff was 8-bit though. Just checked than their release of the Final Episode DC was 10-bit so I might do it if I can get my hands on the BD. We’ll see.

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